Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Veggie Tales Themed Birthday Party

We celebrated my son's fourth birthday party with the Veggie Tales.

Here is the link to my Pinterest Board: Party Ideas - Veggie Tales.


Cheesy Chicken and Rice 

I based my dish off of Mandy's Recipe Box's Slow Cooker Cheesy Rice and Chicken Casserole.

BBQ Ranch Drumsticks 

I based my recipe off of The Frugal Girls' Crockpot BBQ Ranch Drumsticks Recipe.

Burgers and Hot dogs 

We had to have Mr. Lunt's Cheeseburger at the party for guests.

Crackers and Cheese 

My 4 year son and 2 year old daughter enjoyed the tray so much at her party in April, they requested it at my son's party.

Veggie Tray

Mr. Twisty's Twisted Cheese Curls  

Goliath's Pickled Potato Salad

I usually like making potato salad for our family parties.  This was a perfect chance to make a different version.

Dirt Cups 

Bob the Tomato Cake 

Games and Crafts

The fantastic thing about this version of 'pin the tail' is that there really is no wrong place for the children to pin the hairbrush.  (Especially since Larry doesn't have any hair.) 
Pin the hairbrush on Larry


As usual, I had my children help me make decorations for the party.

Moe and the Big Exit Coloring Page

Various Coloring Pages 

Coloring Pages of Junior, Larry, and King George and his Ducky
I decorated balloons as characters from the show to decorate both inside and outside the house.
I painted paper towel and toilet paper rolls to create characters from the show to decorate the kitchen.
Veggie Tales Toilet Paper Rolls 
I prepared materials for the guests to make their own Veggie Tales Stained Glass pictures to take home.  Unfortunately, we did not have time to make the craft. 

Veggie Tales Stained 'Glass' craft 
Veggie Toss

I recycled the box I painted for my daughter's party as a hay bale and turned it into a basket.  We purchased some cheap, plastic fruits and veggies for the children to toss into the basket. 

I used my teen's Veggie Tales toys to decorate the dining room table and the living room.  (My littles love being able to play with these figures.) 


Veggie Toss Idea 
Twintough's Instagram Photo of Larry, Bob, and Peas Desert
My Dirty Apron's Veggie Tales Party 
Mom's Quest to Teach Veggie Tales Balloons
Mom's Quest to Teach Veggie Tales Toilet Paper Rolls
Mom's Quest to Teach Veggie Tales Stained Glass Craft 

My son received the Larry plush for his birthday.  My daughter promptly decided she wanted it and my 4 year old son gave it to her.  So sweet.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Farm Animal Bottle Bowling

For my daughter's Farm Themed Birthday party, I created a set of Farm Animal Bottle Pins for bowling.  They also worked great as decorations that the kids could play with during the party. 

  • clean plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes (we used milk, veggetable juice, and soda bottles)
  • paint (that is appropriate for plastic)
  • markers
  • drop cloth 
  • paint brushes 


1. Gather all materials.  (Before you start your project, clean the bottles to remove any liquids, tape, or glue.)
2. Paint your bottles the appropriate colors.  I choose to make three cows (white), two pigs (pink), and one chicken (yellow).
3. After the bottles are dry, draw on the faces and other details.
For your chicken you will need to draw on eyes, beak, and feathers.  For the cow, you will need o draw on eyes, a mouth, nose, ears, and spots (if you choose to make a Holstein). For your pig, you will need to draw on eyes, a mouth, nose, and tail on the back.

4. Complete the animals by painting (or using markers) to finish the details. I used a combination of painting the details and drawing them on with Sharpie markers.  The markers had a tendency to pull the paint off the bottles.

Crafting by Holiday's Five Perfect Little Piggies makes for a different style of a Pig
Knock the Animals Down 
My Pinterest Page for Farm Ideas 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Creating a Painting for Dad

For Father's Day this year, my children painted a picture for my husband. I had seen various versions of this on the Internet and Pinterest.


1. Gather all your materials.
2. Using the painter's tape, mark off on the paper a word or image you wish to remain white after the tape is removed.
Marking off the image. 

3. After the tape is applied, paint the paper.  Be sure to cover the entire paper so their is no visible white spot left.
My son painting very carefully.

4.  After it is dry, remove the painter's tape to reveal your word or image.
Waiting for the painting to dry.

5. Display your child's art work.
My son's is on the top and my daughter's is on the bottom. 


Life as Mama 8 Basic Art Projects Your Toddler Will Love 
Adventures in Pinteresting Creative Easy Kids Painting 
A Mom's Quest to Teach's Crafts for Father's Day Pinterest Board 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fine Motor Skills

There are many ways to help young children develop fine motor skills.  Some of the best ways is for them to practice moving objects of various sizes from one container to another.  Here are a few activities we have done together. 


We have a variety of different sized dry beans for the kids to use for crafts and activities.  One day I took a couple of trays outside, some different size containers, and the beans for the kids to explore. They spent the majority of the time moving them from one place to the next.  

  • dried beans
  • trays 
  • funnel 
  • containers 
  • broom 

Seasons Bottles 

I had my toddlers help create our Seasons Bottles by putting appropriate items into each of the four bottles.  My daughter really loved putting the items in the bottles but couldn't figure out why she was unable to get them back out. 


Our Other Activities 

Teach Me Mommy's Threading Shapes 
The Imagination Tree's Cardboard Beads 

We have used some of these various materials from Learning Resources.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Noah's Ark Paper Plate Craft



1. Introduce the story of Noah's Ark to your child(ren) with appropriate materials. I have listed some materials at the end of this post to help you get started.

2. You will need two plates per child.  One plate for the background and one to form the boat and rainbow. Cut one plate in half and cut that half to form the boat and rainbow.

3. Color the plates. The larger, intact one should be colored blue for the sky and water.  The boat and rainbow can be colored appropriate colors (or whatever color you little ones would like to use).
Coloring the sky and water. 
Coloring the boat.

4. Glue the boat and rainbow onto the larger plate.
Getting all the necessary materials. 
5. Optional. Before gluing the boat onto the paper plate, your child can attach animals to the plate to ride in the boat. Children can either draw their own animals or find pictures to glue onto their craft. 

2 year old's finished project. 


123 Homeschool 4 Me's Noah's Ark Craft 
Arsty Craftsy Mom's Noah's Ark Craft 

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Four Seasons

To help my children understand and learn about the four seasons, we created different Seasons Bottles together.



My son helped put the items in for winter included snowflake ribbon and red and green pom-poms.


My daughter helped with the Autumn bottle putting in orange raffia, leaf ribbon, and orange and brown pom-poms.


This one is still waiting to be completed as we gather materials for it. 


We placed small sea shells in this bottle and when we get sand from our next trip the shore, we will put some of that in the bottle as well. 

If your children are older, you can have them collect the various items from your home, the store, and neighborhood for your seasons bottles. 

After they are completed, I would recommend gluing the lids onto the bottles.  

Mama. Papa, Bubba. Season Sensory Bottles
Sun Hats and Wellie Boots Discovery Bottles: Four Seasons 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Veggie Tales Toilet Paper Rolls

For my son's fourth birthday party, we held a Veggie Tales themed party.  As there are not many options for decorations, I created a lot on my own.

These toilet paper and paper towel roll Veggie Tales characters can be made with or without your children's help.  I painted them all myself but your child could easily do the painting and even the decorating depending upon their age.


Laura, Mr. Nezzer, Mr. Lunt, and Madame Blueberry 

1. Gather your materials.
2. Paint your rolls (depending on which characters you want to create, you will need different colors).
Green: Larry, Peas, Mr. Nezzer, Pa Grape, Archibald, Petunia, Junior, the scallions
Red: Bob
Orange: Laura, Jimmy, Scooter, the Peach
Blue: Madame Blueberry
Yellow: Mr. Lunt and Jerry
3. After your rolls are dry, draw faces on your characters.
4. Cut out needed materials for your characters and attach them to the dry, painted rolls.

Larry, Bob, and the French Peas 

We used our characters as decorations and after the party the children have been playing with them.  After almost two weeks, they are still in pretty good shape considering they are just cardboard.

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd
Pa Grape and Archibald 
Petunia and Scooter 


I saw this image on Pinterest and thought, hey I can make those!
My Party Ideas - Veggie Tales Pinterest Board.
Official Veggie Tales Webpage

We have enjoyed all these movies together as a family.  (Affiliate links are including for products on this page.)