Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Crafts: Owl Puppet

We are marching forward to fall in our household now that the cooler weather has finally arrived. My three-year old son and I made an Owl Puppet together.

Paper bag
Paper plate
Construction paper (for eyes, beak, and 'feathers')
Bottle caps (for eyes) 
Paper fasteners (to attach wings) 

Other materials you could use: 
Googly eyes 


My son paining the plate and bag with my Grandmom helping him. 

We use a pom-pom and a clothespin to create the sponge effect.  (You can see the white one in the above photo and the purple one in the bottom photo.) 

The owl waiting to dry so we can glue on 'feathers' and cut the wings in half. 

Almost completed.  Just gluing on 'feathers.' 

The project took about an hour to complete over the course of two days to allow for the paint to dry. 

Here are some sample materials to help you get started.

Here are a few owl related books that we enjoy.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

My adventurous son turned three in June. As he developed a love for Mickey Mouse over the course of this year, we decided that this would be a fantastic theme for his third birthday party.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board: Mickey Mouse Party Ideas.


I made Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes with Oreo cookies and white chocolate chips. I got the idea from I'm Quite Crafty. I think the hardest part for me was getting the red icing just the right color. I used Mickey Mouse cupcake holders from the store.


And we had Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats.

Our snack table...with his sister's Daniel Tiger themed birthday items as well. 

We found popcorn holders and straws at the Dollar Store.  Other supplies were picked up, like napkins and plates, as we saw them. 

My modified version of the popular punch board game.  I originally got the idea from this pin: Minnie Mouse Pick a Mouse Board as well as my sister-in-law's Halloween party for my niece.

I painted one side of the stroller box white, cut out circles, and with my husbands help with attached cups to the back. We then filled the cups with candy and taped a layer of tissue paper onto the front of the board. 

I decorated the holes with Mickey Mouse cut outs to give the kids direction as to where to punch.  

If I had to make it all over again, I would make the hole smaller so that the cups fit more tightly and just attach the tissue paper to each cup individually.  

 With his cousin - getting lots of candy.

We set up a coloring table for the kids but unfortunately we ran out of time but my son had fun coloring the pages for thank yous for the guests. 

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