Friday, October 21, 2016

Crafts: Monster Painting

I adapted Danya Banya's Sponge Monsters so we could do it this week with the materials I had available.  I gathered a variety of items for my 3 year old to use to paint his own monsters.

He used the egg cartoon and pool noodle equally, creating big and small circular shapes.  I didn't tell him we would be making them monsters when they dried because I wanted him to just have fun with the painting.

He really enjoyed using the Halloween stamps once I added them to the mix.  The pipe cleaners and pom poms held by clothespins he used like paint brushes.  (I also had a fun time creating my own picture.)


Our completed projects without adding anything.


Our projects when we added eyes, noses, and hair.  

my son's picture

my picture 

I am indebted to Danya Banya's Blog: Creative Activities for Kids and Mum for this idea.  


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