Saturday, November 19, 2016

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Looking for some small, expensive items for your toddler's stocking this holiday season?  Here are some of my kids favorite things.

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Fisher Price's Little People

These are perfect toys that are available in a variety of designs to fit the needs of any child's toy box. They come in a variety of packs as well from singles to larger play packs for bigger gifts.

Sesame Street Toys

These are similar in size to the Little People.  They are perfect if your child(ren) is (are) into the television show Sesame Street.

 Thomas Trains

These chunky trains are designed for little hands.  Before my toddler was old enough to play with the other versions of Thomas trains, he was able to act out some of his favorite tales with these trains.

Crayons and Dover Books

Coloring is an activity we do almost daily in our house.  A new package of crayons always makes a great gift and the little Dover activity books are perfectly priced for the stocking.

Photo Album

Yes, it may have pages torn out of it (my daughter has torn at least three pages so far) but it is a great tool to teach your child about their family members.  You can usually pick them up in the dollar store and then fill with extra photographs from your photo albums or pictures you print yourself. Besides my son flipping through and identifying family members, we also have photos of trips we took inside the book.

Board Books

Another great dollar store item are board books.  Our local store has a variety ranging from licensed characters like Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse to generic stories and characters as well.  I find they are perfect fits for the diaper bag and if they accidentally get left behind or destroyed, it won't break your budget.

Craft Bag

You can create a craft bag from various materials in your house.  For example, you could make a themed bag around your child decorating paper plates as animals.  Include such items as paper plates, animal pictures, a few crayons, pom-poms, glue, tissue paper, and buttons.  Be creative.  All the items could be put into a large freezer bag with the image of the craft(s) taped on the outside.

Snacks - What is your child's favorite snack?

Single serving applesauce or puddings or small bags of unsalted pretzels or crackers would make for additions to the candy canes and chocolate you might already include in the stocking.

Tissue Packets

The small travel size tissue packs are a hit with my son.  He has a few Star Wars themed packs that we keep in our diaper bag for him to use when we are traveling with him and his sister.


My son loves his different socks. He has Thomas and Mickey Mouse themed ones along with a handful of other ones.  Allowing him to pick out his socks each day gives him an age appropriate decision to make for himself.

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