Sunday, May 14, 2017

Paper Plate Lamb Masks



1. Gather all materials.
2. Cut circle out of paper plate to create a mask.
3. Glue on cotton balls around edges to create fur.

4. Cut out ear shapes (pink and white).
5. Glue ears onto the back of the paper plates.

6. Attach a handle for the child to hold their mask.

Our lambs look a bit more like rabbits but that is okay with my kids.  They knew they were their lamb masks.  Just proves that kids don't really care about the end product, as long as everyone had fun during the process and got to spend time together.

And in the end, my daughter didn't want to use her mask for a photograph.

Danya Banya's Paper Plate Sheep Masks for Kids 
Teaching Nook's Animal Crafts (including a lamb mask)
Dollar Tree's In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb 

Here are some cute sheep plushes and books.

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