Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Weather Bottles

In order to help my children learn about weather, we created different weather bottles together.



My daughter put cotton balls, snowflake sequins and beads into this bottle to represent a snowy day.
This is a great craft for helping your little ones develop their fine motor skills.


We placed torn up tissue paper and blue beads to represent clouds and rain.

Sunny Day

We placed torn up blue tissue paper for the sky and a yellow pom-pom for the sun into this bottle. 

You could also make ones for cloudy days, hail storms, hurricanes, clear sunny days among others.  If your children are older, they could help you collect materials from craft drawers and boxes.

Once complete, you can glue the lids onto the bottles to prevent your little ones from opening them.


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Some weather related times that might interest you or your children.  (affiliate links)

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