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Building a World of Fun: A Review of Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks

Wooden Building Planks

Sometimes the best way to learn is through play. Our family has been playing with Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks for the past several weeks. During the review period, we have been building our own versions of the suggested towers, bridges, walls, trains, and houses along with using the wooden planks to create corrals for toy animals and furniture for dolls. Almost every day since Brain Blox arrived, our two younger children have had them out and incorporated them into their day somehow.

Note: I share a lot of photos in this post to show off our children's fun designs and use of the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks.

box of 200 wooden building planks

200 wooden building planks from Brain Blox on drawstring bag

Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks are available in three different size sets: 100, 200 (which we received to review), and 300. With the 200 precision-cut wooden planks, we received a red drawstring bag to store the planks and a color idea booklet which helped our kids get started on building awesome builds. It was very easy for me to go to the Brain Blox website and download their free resources to provide additional ideas for our kids. We used the idea cards and Brain Blox World eBook to stretch our imagination and build new things.

free resources for wooden building planks

Brain Blox is a family-owned company whose "mission is to empower families to be more conscious & intentional with one another." Through the development of toys, games, and journals, Brain Blox hopes that children will live happier and healthier lives by turning off the screen and engaging in the world around them. In addition to the Natural Wooden Building Planks, they also have Fun Family Chess for families (the Homeschool Review Crew also had the chance to review the chess set).

building a tower with Brain Blox wooden building planks

How Did We Use the Wooden Building Planks in Our Homeschool? 

This was one item that I really just let our younger children play and use on their own without a lot of instruction from me. They played with them every day taking them out to either build towers or other buildings as suggested by Brain Blox or they incorporated them with their other toys.

They used the wooden building planks to build roads for their cars or toys, enclosures for their toy animals, and whatever else struck their imagination. They even built an ice hockey rink.

ice hockey rink built with wooden building planks
The ice hockey rink with nets built of Brain Blox.

I had lots of fun building towers with our children, too!

wooden building planks tower

top of wooden building planks tower

What do we think? 

I love educational toys and these fit the bill. Our kids worked out problems (like how to create ramps and balance the wooden blocks to build higher towers) and also worked on cooperation as they designed race tracks for their cars and zoos for their animals.

animal toys and wooden exhibits

 planks and then used the planks vertically to create the enclosures for the animals
We made paths with the planks and then used the planks vertically to create the enclosures for the animals.
bridge built with wooden building planks
They designed a bridge to be part of their car tracks.

flower built with wooden building planks
Our son designed this flower. 

I like the fact that it comes with a drawstring bag and all the planks fit neatly into the bag which closes up nice and tight. No loose wooden planks laying around. The bag also enables our kids to put the wooden planks away alone or without too much assistance. One child can hold the bag open while the other picks them up and drops them into the bag. I love seeing my children cooperate and work together. 

drawstring bag used to house wooden building planks

When asking our six-year-old son his opinion, he said, "I like pretty much everything." He likes making houses. His future plans for building including making airplanes from the Wooden Building Planks.

Our daughter enjoys using them for creative play. She incorporates them into her kitchen play as well as building towers and houses. She likes stacking them. She said, "I love making really tall towers up to the roof and making train tracks."

My husband thinks Brain Blox give our children a lot to do because they are versatile. They have a lot of fun with them.

I would recommend Brain Blox to families. They definitely foster imagination and allow kids to show their creativity!

Do you want to learn more about Brain Blox? 

Because the Wooden Building Planks are so versatile, please be sure to check out the rest of the reviews to see how different children were able to use them to foster their imagination.

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