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Book Club: Book Review of Psalms for My Day

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Quality books that are based in the Bible are so important to include in our homeschool. I loved having the opportunity to read and review Psalms for My Day: A Child's Prayer Devotional by Carine MacKenzie and Alec Motyer. We received a beautiful hardcover book to read to our children from Christian Focus Publications.

book cover of Psalms for My Day: A Child's Praise Devotional

About the Book

Psalms for My Day is recommended with a read-to-me age of 4-6 and a read-myself age of 7-11. I found this to be right on target. While our five-year-old daughter has been able to read part of it with me, she still needs help with some of the words as well as help understanding the Psalms. Our six-year-old son could read most of the Psalms to himself but I still think he needs help with the meaning by the Psalms quoted as well as the devotionals included.

The hardcover book is really easy to hold while our children sit on my lap or next to me on the couch. I have also spent some time reading the book to our children during their lunch. Again, the book is quite easy to hold and share the pictures with them while I am reading it.

There are 86 pages with an introduction, a glossary of new words, and thirty-one Psalms represented in the book. There is even a red ribbon to mark your place. Each Psalm is usually spread out over two pages. Some pages contain absolutely beautiful illustrations such as one with herons and another featuring an underwater scene. There are also some quotes from Alec Motyer scattered throughout such as:

"I cannot remember a time when I did not Love the Bible as the Word of God." 

Text from inside Psalms for My Day book

What Do We Think?

I really love the fact that Psalms for My Day: A Child's Prayer Devotional provides children with not only direct readings from the Psalms but also devotions and prayers. Each one can be read independently and turn into a wonderful lesson with our children.

Text: Book Club: Book Review of Psalms for My Day; Read through the Psalms with your Children; image of child reading book; logos for Christian Focus Publications & A Mom's Quest to TeachSo how did we use this wonderful resource in our homeschool? On some days, I read them one or two Psalms while they were eating lunch and, on other days, I chose to read them at bedtime. I also read through it myself to inspire my own Bible-journaling time. The Psalms themselves are always inspiring but with the gorgeous illustrations, explanations, and prayers of this book added in, I was able to be very creative with my journaling time.

Our six-year-old son liked being able to read the Psalms with me using this book and our five-year-old daughter liked reading the prayers aloud. Our six-year-old son told me his favorite one in the book was Psalm 23. He liked the picture of the shepherd and the image it created in his mind.

I would recommend Psalms for My Day to families who are seeking more Christian books for their children's bookshelves. It would make a beautiful present for a birthday, Christmas, or Easter. I feel like it opened a new part of the Bible up to our children. It is very easy to share the stories of Jesus and individuals from the Old Testament with our children but sometimes more difficult to share parts of the Bible that are not telling a narrative. Psalms for My Day is a great way to introduce beautiful poetry to younger children.

Do You Want to Learn More?

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