Friday, July 22, 2016

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Birthday Party

Both of my children love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  We watch it regularly and sing the songs to help teach lessons to my toddlers all the time.

We were fortunate enough to win a deluxe prize pack from the television show through a contest on their Facebook page so the plan was set in motion to hold a Daniel Tiger themed first birthday party for my little gal.

We had a Daniel Tiger themed first birthday party for my son in 2014 as this was his favorite show at the time. (Now he is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).  Fortunately, we already have the figures and tree from the TV show that we used for decoration.

Over the past several months I have been working on her birthday party (as well as her brother's that was in June). I find I need to plan things, write lists, and check off the items I listed.  And then I write even more lists as I remember more things that needed to be completed or accomplished.

I have scoured Pinterest and the Internet for ideas for a Daniel Tiger themed party.  Looking for everything from dessert ideas to crafts that the children invited can make during the party.

Here is my Pinterest board with inspirational ideas. Party Ideas - Daniel Tiger Birthday

Photo Opportunities 

My Trolley in various stages



 (inside of the box where I cut out a door)

I used a box from plastic bins that I received for Christmas from my in-laws for my quiet box/busy time activities.

Welcome Sign 

I used the cardboard box from the double stroller we received for Christmas for our two littles.  Half of the box is being used for K's party and the other half will be used for her brother's party.


Scream Cheese Brownies Pinterest Link

Chocolate covered pretzels
Tiger Striped Pretzels Pinterest Link
PBS Daniel Tiger Striped Pretzels

Meatball Sandwiches, Veggie straws

Tiger Themed Cake 
(before the icing)

Decorations and Party Supplies
Dining Room 
Silhouette Game 
I printed out the coloring pages from PBS of the different characters and then cut them out with construction paper.  After laminating them, I put them on our closet door so we could play a matching game.  Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to play but my daughter loved walking by and touching each character.

 Inspiration (Daniel Tiger Silhouette Matching Game)

Crafts - Tiger Faces
I prepared all the materials beforehand. I put all the materials in a party bag decorated with pictures of Daniel Tiger and friends. We didn't actually have enough time to complete any crafts.

Inspiration (Painted Tiger Face Craft)

  • paper plates
  • black construction paper strips
  • large googly eyes 
  • black construction paper mouth cut outs
  • ear cut outs
  • orange crayons
  • glue and glue sticks

Coloring Pages

PBS' website has lots of resources for each of their programs.  There are online and printable coloring sheets for Daniel Tiger (Daniel Tiger Coloring Page).

Below please find links to the laminator I use, as well as some of the party supplies we had for the party. (affiliate link)


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  1. I can only add, having experienced your ideas firsthand, that the actual presentations are even better than the pictures!