Thursday, August 23, 2018

Back to School: Homeschool Style: Thankful for Homeschooling

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There are so many things I am thankful for each day – and homeschooling is one! Being able to work on our own schedule using a variety of methods and materials is one of the keys to making our homeschool successful. I am also thankful for the fact that we can be together as a family. I will be able to be there for my children as they learn, grow, and explore about the world around them.

Our Own Schedule 

I have discovered over the years that I have become a night owl and I find that both our teen and our 3-year-old daughter seem to fare better later in the day. So while our five-year-old son prefers the morning hours, we can all adjust to work and learn on our own schedule.

With our teen homeschooling, he can plan out his day for when he finds he is the most successful. If that means he prefers to do school work after dinner time, that is fine with me!

Do you have early birds or night owls in your family?

Image of Home School in the Woods History Through the Ages Timeline

Variety - Making Our Own Choices 

As a former teacher I am very aware of the great variety of teaching materials for one subject – add in all of the subjects and it can be overwhelming! But with variety, we as a family can find out what actually works for our children. For example, I can introduce different topics in history with Homeschool in the Woods and then go to the library to check out more books on the time period (if we don't already have books in our own collection). Being able to examine World War I battles through games or create timelines of ancient civilizations makes it all the more interesting for everyone.

Image of the War to End All Wars File Game from Home School in the Woods


I can't imagine sending all of our children to school anymore. While I know that public or private school works for some families, I am not ready to give up my children to someone else for 5 or more hours per day. I want to be there when my children have questions and be the one to provide them with the means to answer them.

What things are you thankful for when it comes to homeschooling? Is there one thing that sticks out as more important than the others?

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  1. We have a mix of early birds and night owls. I enjoy the quiet mornings.

  2. So much to be thankful for... jobs, family, faith, love, books, learning.. :)