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Book Club: Book Review of A Defense of Honor

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I enjoy reading historical fiction so I was very happy to review A Defense of Honor by Kristi Ann Hunter from Bethany House. The year is 1816 and we are taken on a journey into the lives of Katherine "Kit" FitzGilbert and Graham, Lord Wharton. Both had at one point traveled in similar circles in society but times change. Kit left London society after events forced her hand but she continues to travel to the city to aid women escaping injustices.

Hunter's A Defense of Honor begins with Graham first spying Kit in a ballroom. Events quickly escalate and he follows Kit through the house and into the night. Even after Kit returns home to Haven Manor, the lives of Graham and his friend, Oliver, bring them to the town outside of Kit's home.

Warning! Potential Spoilers Ahead

When Lord Wharton is stuck at Haven Manor due to a flooded bridge, we learn more about the lives of Kit and her fellow friends living at the house as well as those of the children. There are many humorous and happy anecdotes of Graham sleeping on the floor in the kitchen and interactions with the children from his brief stay at Haven Manor. During this time, we also see the love of Kit and Graham blossoming.

The main premise of the story revolves around the fact that Kit and her friends – Daphne and Jess – help young ladies who find themselves pregnant and unmarried. The fathers have no interest in marrying or taking care of the children. Kit finds these ladies through the help of a council in London. She, along with the help of others, finds them a place to live until the children are born. After a period, the children join "Mama" Kit and the others at Haven Manor.

End of Potential Spoilers 

In A Defense of Honor, one can see the struggle Kit goes through as she tries to and learns to trust God. There is even a conversation between Graham and Kit regarding grace that was very interesting to read. Through the changing views of Graham and Kit, we see how we can all trust in God.

I would recommend A Defense of Honor for individuals who are interested in historical fiction, Christian fiction, and/or British fiction. The story is a lovely one, even if it sometimes moved slowly for me. I will happily pass this book onto family and friends in hopes they enjoy it was much as I did.

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