Monday, May 13, 2019

Book Club: Book Review of Nothing by Natalee Creech

Our children love books. So we were very excited to hear we would be able to review a new book, Nothing by Natalee CreechNothing is a new book from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group written by Natalee Creech and illustrated by Joseph Cowman. Finding a children's book with a Christian focus can be difficult unless one knows publishers and authors they can turn to for solid books.

Our daughter was thrilled to sit down and read through Nothing Nothing Can Separate You From God's Love! The colorful pictures caught her attention as she flipped through the 32 pages of the hardcover book. She eagerly pointed out the different illustrations of children, the animals on the pages, and the flowers in the garden.

At the beginning of book, suggested for ages 4-7, there is a quote from the Bible (Romans 8:38-39 –CEB). Depending upon which translation of the Bible you prefer, you may wish to have that version at the ready to share this opening quotation. No matter what translation you choose, the idea at the heart of Nothing remains the same—God loves us no matter where we are in the world.

There are multiple children depicted on the pages that allow children of many racial and ethnic backgrounds to connect with the tale. I love books that allow children to find themselves in them. It really helps build a connection.

The font is very pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Certain words are bolded and others are capitalized throughout the story. This makes the story very easy to read aloud. And Nothing does not take a long time to read aloud, making it the perfect 'one more story' or a quick read while a brother or sister completes a homeschooling assignment. But don't think just because it is an easy, quick read it is not filled with a beautiful and important message—because it is!

"God's Love is Everywhere: desert, moon, beach...there's no place at all that HIS LOVE cannot reach!"


There are a number of great ways to incorporate the reading of Nothing in your homeschooling day. From searching out specific items on the pages to crafts, our family had lots of fun with the book.

In the very opening of the book, three children lie on the grass looking up at the sky with the text: "Can anything separate me from God's love?" As a family, you and your children could go outside and lie on the grass. Look around at the wonders that God has created. Talk about how God is all around you.

Nothing shows the children in different areas of the world—mountains, under the sea, and in the desert. This presents the perfect tie-in for social studies. One could write down all the places shown and then study those habitats. What animals live there? Where in the world could you find these habitats? (And for much older siblings you could even talk about missionary work in those locations.)

The book also discusses the fact that God's love cannot be separated by natural disasters like volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, or floods. These are times that children (and sometimes adults) often question God's love. So while reassuring children that God loves them all the time, one could also discuss the natural disasters and why and how they occur.

The children in the story travel by many different ways from a hot air balloon to a train. Perhaps you and your family could travel one these ways. If you get to soar in a rocket, I would love to hear about it!

There are also many animals illustrated in Nothing by Joseph Cowman. Make a list with your children and spot them on each page! Our daughter really loved the cat in the space suit.

We decided to make a craft using tissue paper and one sheet of construction paper to remind us of God's love after reading the story. It will look so pretty hanging in our kitchen to remind us of this lovely hardcover book.

While our daughter and I were the primary ones reviewing Nothing, our five-year-old son also read the book by himself. He loves all the different underwater scenes. When asking my daughter what her favorite part was, she flipped through the book and basically picked almost every page. She liked the hot air balloon ride and the train ride as well as the kitty in space and the giant octopus under the sea. I think it is safe to say she loved the book. 

Nothing is a very uplifting book. It is a great way to end the day. Reading Nothing at bedtime is perfect for reminding children how much God loves them each and every day. I would recommend this book as a perfect birthday or holiday gift. Or even a gift for anytime. It is a perfect addition to our children's bookshelves!

If you would like to learn more about Nothing and WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, please visit the following sites:

Other families were also able to review Nothing. Please be sure to check out what they thought of this beautiful children's book.

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