Thursday, May 26, 2016

Children's Books

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I have always loved to read.  A love instilled by my mom, grandmom, and grandpop.  From early on my mom read me books both from the library and my own collection.

Fortunately, I still have the vast majority of my childhood books inscribed with the date, occasion, and signature of who game them to me. These I shared first with my stepson and now with my son and daughter.

I hope to instill that same love of books to my son and daughter. While my husband and I have tried to rekindle the spark in my stepson who has grown to dislike reading as he got older, I hope to avoid that journey with my two little ones.

My son has already begun his reading journey, when he would ask us to tell him the letters on our t-shirts last year just prior to his second birthday.  He has started reading a few books both by memory of the stories and his ever expanding reading vocabulary.

With her brother as an example, my daughter already enjoys flipping through board and cloth books and pointing out both words and pictures.  Sometimes she will just sit down and pull the books off the shelf as she flips through them.  Right now I think her two favorites are Doggies (which we picked up at the library 'used') and Daniel's Day at the Beach.

Some current favorite books in our household (as of 2016) are as follows:

Daniel's Day at the Beach
I am a Big Brother
Ten Tiny Toes
Squishy Turtle

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