Saturday, May 21, 2016

Miniature Meatloaf

This is another modified recipe from Freezer Pleasers that I made last year prior to my daughter's arrival to have ready for an easy meal. Because I knew it was a success with almost everyone, I made it for dinner last week.

Typical of any toddler, my son enjoyed it the very first time and the next couple of times he wanted no parts of the meatloaf.  But the other night he surprised me by eating all of his miniature meatloaf and even trying his mashed potatoes (which he doesn't like at all). I can't wait to see if he likes them as much when I defrost the ones in the freezer. My daughter also enjoyed her portion of the nights meal using her hands to eat everything, including the mashed potatoes.

 in the pans (the recipe makes about 18 miniature meatloafs)

  My son enjoying his plate and my daughter's plate.

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