Friday, April 14, 2017

Paper Plate Chick

For Easter, I decided to make some paper plate chicks with my two littles.



1. Gather all materials.

2. Paint paper plate yellow.

3. While paper plate is drying, cut out yellow circle for face and orange beak and feet for the chick.

3. After paper plate is dry, glue yellow circle, eyes, and beak onto paper plate.

4. Select several feathers and tape onto back of paper plate.

5. Tape feet onto the back of the paper plate.


About A Mom's Paper Plate Chick Craft 
Clare's Little Tots' Paper Plate Chick  

Image from Clare's Little Tots Page

The Madehouse's Paper Plate Hand Print Chick 

These books about chickens look really cute.  We haven't read them, so please comment if you have enjoyed them.

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