Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Crafts: S is for Sheep

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After working in the Children's Zoo at our local zoo, I have grown to love sheep and goats.  I had the privilege of helping to look after them for several autumn months one year.  As we are learning about farms and farm animals, I thought creating a sheep craft would be a perfect complement to our lessons.



1.  Gather all materials. If your children are older, they can draw or trace a large letter S as the body for the sheep. Help them cut out your shapes if they are semi-proficient or proficient with scissors.

2. Glue the letter S onto the green (for grass) or brown (for dirt) construction paper.

3. Glue on the head, ears, and eyes.

4.  Draw on your sheep's face.

5. Pull apart of the cotton balls till it stretches a bit and then glue onto the letter S for the wool.

6.  After drying, display proudly in your home.


Science Kids' Animal Facts Page about Sheep 
Sheep (Farm Animals) by Heather C. Hudak 

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