Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentine's Day Name Love Bugs



1. Gather materials.
2. Trace hearts onto construction paper.
3. Cut out hearts.  If your children are ready to use scissors, have them help you.
4. Trace your letters for your names onto the hearts.

5. Color in your letters.

6. Draw feet for your love bugs. Cut out your legs.

7. Attach hearts together.  We taped them together on the back.
8. Attach legs onto hearts.  We taped them onto the bottom.
9. Draw little hearts and cut them out.  Attach hearts onto the antennae.

10.  Attach the antennae onto the back of the first heart.

11. Glue on googly eyes onto the first heart.

12. Display in your house.

Just like our Snowman Craft, we completed this as a family to decorate for the holiday.

I saw this craft on several pages including: From ABCs to ACTS.