Monday, August 7, 2017

Fine Motor Skills

There are many ways to help young children develop fine motor skills.  Some of the best ways is for them to practice moving objects of various sizes from one container to another.  Here are a few activities we have done together. 


We have a variety of different sized dry beans for the kids to use for crafts and activities.  One day I took a couple of trays outside, some different size containers, and the beans for the kids to explore. They spent the majority of the time moving them from one place to the next.  

  • dried beans
  • trays 
  • funnel 
  • containers 
  • broom 

Seasons Bottles 

I had my toddlers help create our Seasons Bottles by putting appropriate items into each of the four bottles.  My daughter really loved putting the items in the bottles but couldn't figure out why she was unable to get them back out. 


Our Other Activities 

Teach Me Mommy's Threading Shapes 
The Imagination Tree's Cardboard Beads 

We have used some of these various materials from Learning Resources.  

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