Thursday, December 15, 2016

Crafts: Icicle Ornaments

A Mom's Quest to Teach 
A Mom's Quest to Teach


1. Select the color or colors or pipe cleaners and beads you would like to use for this project.
A Mom's Quest to Teach

2. Provide your child with a tray of the beads.
A Mom's Quest to Teach

3. Put on one bead at the end of each pipe cleaner and twist.

A Mom's Quest to Teach

4. Your child should now string on about 10 beads onto the pipe cleaner.

5. When your child is finished, attach one bead onto the end and twist to ensure they do not fall off.
6. Twist around a pencil to create the 'icicle' effect. Take care when wrapping around pencil, so that too many beads do not bunch up in one place.

7. Remove from pencil, keeping the twisted shape.  My son told me that the icicle ornaments looked like worms as they were being pulled off the pencil.
8. Hang on your tree.

Depending on how long your child takes picking out what beads to use, the entire project should take an hour or so.

I was inspired by Happy Hooligan's Icicle Ornaments and the Kids' Craft Room has a different approach in their Sparkly Icicle Ornaments.

These glitter pipe cleaners look amazing.  I can only imagine the pretty icicle ornaments children could make using those instead of plain ones like I had in our craft supplies.  (affiliate links included for your convenience)

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