Friday, December 23, 2016

Reindeer paper plate craft



1. Gather materials.
2. Paint plates brown.

3. Trace child's hands onto brown construction paper.
4. Draw and cut out ears.
5. Glue ears together.

6. Attach ears to paper plate. (I used glue to attach everything.  But you could also staple paper items to the plate.)
7. Glue on nose and eyes.

8. Hang up your reindeer.

(Please note the following photographs are from the noted blogs and websites. I have provided links for above each photograph. These are not my creation or that of my child.)

There are a lot of different reindeer paper plate and hand print crafts.  Here are a few of my favorites.

She did this cute craft with her classroom.  On Teachers Pay Teachers, she has a Reindeer Games packet available for sale.

Here is another version made using different size paper plates.  It is attached with staples. (This site has a lot of resources available for a variety of topics.  I have only scratched the surface myself.) 

There are a variety of paper plate crafts provided with pictures and a link to the original post.  A great resource for last minute crafting ideas. 

This is the original idea I was using as a guideline for my own craft. has a PDF file available for download as well as the instructions on their page for this craft. 

Or if you wish to still do a reindeer craft but forgo the paper plate, here is a cute toilet paper roll craft from The Resourceful Mama

Here are few cute items to use for the craft, instead of this craft, and to complement this craft.  We have the Rudolph book and my two children love it. Especially when my husband reads it using voices from the television show. 

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