Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Crafts: Paper Roll Christmas Tree

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1. Gather materials.

2. Paint your cardboard tubes or paper rolls green (inside and outside of the roll).

3. Trace and cut out stars.

4. Tear up tissue paper into tiny pieces for ornaments.

4. After paint dries, glue on ornaments.  We covered our trees in glue and rolled them around in the pieces of tissue paper.

5. After rolling the trees in the tissue paper, we shook off any extra pieces. 

5. After glue dries, cut out into spiral shapes.

6. Attach stars.

My son was not into painting for this project.  I think it was because his sister was very interested in helping us paint.  She kept saying, "green," over and over to indicate that she wanted to join us instead of coloring.  In the end, both of them painted enough rolls for this project and another one.

When we were painting the inside of the rolls, my son said to me, "it is your turn now mommy," when he was tired of painting with the green.  (We were also painting reindeer so he was very eager to use the brown paint.)

I choose to leave two trees uncut and two cut into spiral shapes.

I saw this cute craft on Pinterest and Childhood Education's blog.

Optional Ideas

If you would rather use glitter, cover tree in glue and allow your child to roll it in the glitter.  Or you could use sequins, for your ornaments.  Your child can either roll the tree in the sequins after covering tree in glue or place them on individually.

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