Friday, November 30, 2018

Sugar Plums Dancing...Snowflakes Falling...Let's Write about December with Free Writing Prompts

As the winter officially approaches, many parts of the world are already under the grips of cold weather – from freezing blizzards to lovely snowfalls – winter weather can bring lots of changes to our lives. Many families are taking a break from traditional homeschooling studies to celebrate Christmas so this is the perfect time to work on writing skills in a more relaxed setting. Don't know what to write? Why not try these free writing prompts

Photo Prompts 

Ice skating

Person wearing winter parka

snowed in

Writing Prompts 

Download Here

What is your favorite thing to write about in the winter? 

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  1. Love these!
    I am teaching a creative writing class for our homeschool co-oop and I've been looking for some writing prompts to keep them busy until we meet again in January.
    I'll be sharing these with them - your prompts are just the thing. Thank you!

  2. Nice simple reading prompts. I like it!

    1. Thanks...trying to stay simple to allow creative ideas to grow.

  3. Oh I loved doing writing prompts! My son enjoyed having these in his workboxes each day. We wouldn't have done much writing exercises without them :)

    1. I know what you mean...seems like it so much easier to write when there is an idea started for you.