Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Noah's Ark Paper Plate Craft



1. Introduce the story of Noah's Ark to your child(ren) with appropriate materials. I have listed some materials at the end of this post to help you get started.

2. You will need two plates per child.  One plate for the background and one to form the boat and rainbow. Cut one plate in half and cut that half to form the boat and rainbow.

3. Color the plates. The larger, intact one should be colored blue for the sky and water.  The boat and rainbow can be colored appropriate colors (or whatever color you little ones would like to use).
Coloring the sky and water. 
Coloring the boat.

4. Glue the boat and rainbow onto the larger plate.
Getting all the necessary materials. 
5. Optional. Before gluing the boat onto the paper plate, your child can attach animals to the plate to ride in the boat. Children can either draw their own animals or find pictures to glue onto their craft. 

2 year old's finished project. 


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