Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall Crafts: Pumpkin Coffee Filter Sun Catchers

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We went pumpkin picking last weekend and both littles are very interested in all things pumpkin right now.  When I saw this Pumpkin Sun-Catcher craft, I knew that we had to try it since I like doing crafts with coffee filters. 

My three year old and my 18 month old colored the coffee filters using all the markers in the pack.  I tried to get my three year old to color a little more than just the center but he was having too much fun mixing colors. 

I sprayed the coffee filters with water and turned them around so that the marker colors would run and create interesting color patterns. 

Since the weather is still rather nice, I took them outside to dry on our porch.  

I don't recommend leaving them to dry on a table with a design (like our metal one) because the coffee filters picked up the pattern of the table.  And remember that the markers may bleed onto whatever surface you leave them on, so be mindful of stains. 

Since my three year old is still working on his scissor skills, I helped cut out different shapes using one of his favorite Halloween books (It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!)  to help us.  

We completed them with a little bit of green ribbon re-purposed from a birthday gift and construction paper for the stems. 


If you wish, you could laminate them to help preserve them for future years. 

Our completed projects hanging in the kitchen window. 


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