Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Brief Journey through the Quotes of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

photograph of state of Julius Caesar

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This homeschool year I hope to read the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare with our teen. To prepare, I looked through my copy of the play – which I purchased in 1994 at a Renaissance Faire according to my notation inside the cover – to find some memorable quotes to share with him.

From the fearless nature of Caesar in Act II to his pride in Act III right before his demise Shakespeare has gifted his readers with many memorable moments and quotes.

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  1. Amazing how many memorable quotes (and expressions, and even words!) we have from Shakespeare! Hope you all enjoy your study of Julius Caesar this year!

  2. I love how you started with quotes before diving in!

  3. Oh, I like those quotes, I want to snatch them up and use them as my quote of the day. :) Scheduled to FB and Twitter