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Crafts: Wisdom Keepsake

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Are you looking to be more purposeful in your life? The Canadian Schoolhouse is hosting its second Virtual Family Retreat: A Purposeful Life. This virtual retreat is perfect for homeschoolers. Each day focuses upon a different aspect of living a purposeful life and features speakers, a devotion, crafts, and more. I was fortunate enough to design and create several different crafts for the retreat, including ones based upon learning. 

Where does wisdom come from? Do you consider yourself wise? One of the most important places to find wisdom is in the pages of the Bible. 

Each day of the retreat focuses upon a different quote from the Bible. The quote associated with "Purposeful Learning" is: 

"Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Let's remember to look in the Bible for wisdom. We can also seek help when we need it from our grandparents and parents. They can guide us using the wisdom they have gained over their years as well as the wisdom they have gained from reading the Bible. 

Today, we will learn how to create a keepsake where we can keep the Bible verses from this week and others that will help us grow in wisdom. 

Let's gather our materials! 

This project will allow you to be really creative. You can use an old DVD or CD case, or you will create your own small book with the quotes you write down. If you are going to create the same keepsake as me, gather a piece of construction paper for the cover, a pencil, markers (or other supplies to help you decorate your cover), and notebook paper.


Gather your materials; construction paper; pencil, markers, DVD/CD case, clipart of different named objects


1. Use the original cover of the DVD or CD to help you trace a piece from the construction paper for the case. Write on the 'binding' (or spine) your title. 

2. Write a title on the front and draw a picture on the front. What images or pictures come to mind when you think about wisdom? You and your children can draw your own picture or use clip art from online or cut out pictures from magazines. 

A Mom's Quest to Teach logo: Crafts: Wisdom Keepsake; photo of tree drawn on notebook paper in an old DVD case

3. Don't forget to add artwork to the back. I drew a book and included at least two of the books from the Bible where I plan to pick my quotes from my book. I drew first in pencil and then added color with my markers. If you are creating a book from paper, you don't need to write on the spine. 

4. Take your notebook paper, and write out your quote. You may have to trim the notebook paper beforehand to make sure it fits in your case or the mini-book that you are creating. 

5. If you are using a DVD case, you can tuck the paper under the flaps.

6. Add to your quotes...I asked my children to each pick quotes from their homeschool curriculum to add underneath the one I have already written. You can keep adding quotes and pages all year long as you complete homeschool lessons or Bible studies. 

3 quotes written on notebook paper from the Bible

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