Sunday, November 20, 2016

Crafts: Corn Shaker

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Musical instrument

To help celebrate the fall, we  made our own music shakers! 



    Putting corn kernels into container.
  1. Paint the bubble wrap. 
  2. Put paper on the bubble wrap and press down. 
  3. While your child is painting, eat the Pringles chips. Or share them with the whole family at snack time on a previous day. 
  4. Clean out the container.  I rinsed with water and let it dry. 
  5. Put corn kernels in container. This is great practice for your little's fine motor development. You can use as much or as little as you like. You can also have your child put the lid on and take the lid off to see what type of sound he/she wants to create with it. 
  6. Tape the end of paper you won't see onto container. 
  7. Glue the rest of the paper onto the container. 
  8. You can attach tape to both ends of the paper if you like for added security.
  9. You can also attach tape onto the lid to keep it on when your child shakes it.  (I imagined corn kernels going EVERYWHERE!) 

My very first reaction to the completed project was that it was very loud as my son shook it.  As the popcorn kernels hit the metal bottom and then the plastic lid, it created a satisfying, but loud, sound that my son loved.

We painted the bubble wrap to create a 'corn' stamp.  I provided him with paint and sponge brushes and he decided to paint in straight lines on the bubble wrap.  He definitely was not interested in mixing the paint at all.  We used the bubble wrap on our corn sun catchers craft.

painted bubble wrap

It did take about a day for the paper to dry (it will depend on how much paint your child uses for the craft).

Other ideas

You could also add pictures or stickers to the outside of the shaker for Halloween (if you do this craft in October), Autumn, or Thanksgiving.  Or your child could draw a face onto the shaker or glue on googly eyes and draw a mouth.

Corn shaker musical instrument

This idea was inspired by Music Crafts for Kids - Making Corn Shakers.


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