Friday, November 11, 2016

Crafts: N is for Nature

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Kids CraftsAs the weather started to cool, we took a trip to our local park and collected leaves, acorns, twigs, and other items. I wasn't really sure what I wanted my toddlers to do with the items but I knew they would be useful in some way.

We have been working our way through the alphabet in a simple, laid back manner.  For example, we have colored some themed pages (3 Dinosaurs ABC Coloring Pages), made a few crafts (A is for Alligator), worked on letter recognition (All Kids Network Letter Recognition ) and practiced tracing the letters (School Express Traditional Printing Large Font Letter N).  This month one of the letters we are focusing upon is the letter N. I printed an N worksheet from This Reading Mama and decided to use all the autumn items.

I put glue (Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue ) on the letter and let my son decide what items to put where on the N. As he glued them on, we talked about what they were and when we collected them. This project was a nice reminder of a day out as a family.

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