Thursday, June 15, 2017

Crafts: Veggie Tales: Stained Glass

Veggie Tales characters

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Since our toddlers are really enjoying the Veggies Tales series, we decided to create both Bob and Larry as stained glass art for the windows. They also looked great for our birthday party.

Larry the Cucumber There are several examples online but I wanted to use the materials we had in the house so our creations are modified.  



1. Draw or trace your characters onto one sheet of the transparency paper. (I recommend just tracing them all in black.  The tissue paper will add the necessary color to your creations.) 

Bob Tomato

2. Tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces.  Your children can help you with this step if you wish. 

3. Spread glue onto the reverse side of the transparencies.  (You want your image to be opposite.)

4. Attach the appropriate color tissue paper onto the transparency.

5. After it is dry, you can cut it out. Trim it to cut off the excess paper.

6.  Attach a second blank sheet onto the back to create more stability. 


I Can Teach My Child's Bob and Larry (Stained Glass)

Veggie Tale's Official page had a link to templates on their page (I used their stained glass activity and their coloring pages as templates. They change what free activities are available, so check back often.) 


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