Thursday, June 1, 2017

Farm Themed Birthday Party

For my daughter's second birthday, we planned a Farm Themed Party to celebrate her big day. A lot of my inspiration came from not only farm related items but also Easter related treats and decorations.

Here is a link to my Pinterest Board: Party Ideas - Farm.



Pulled Pork Sandwiches

We boiled our pork for about 8 hours, shredded it, and then the next day heated it in the slow cooker with BBQ Sauce.

Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

We used McCormick's Slow Cookers BBQ Pulled Pork Seasoning Mix to season our chicken in the crock-pot.

Roast Beef Sandwiches 

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law brought a crock pot full of yummy roast beef for sandwiches. My 3 year old really enjoyed having these as leftover sandwiches for dinner. 

Deviled Eggs Spread & Crackers

I used Blessed Beyond a Doubt's recipe for Best Deviled Egg Spread.

Cheese and Crackers

Presented in a washed egg carton. The crackers were a huge hit with my two littles.

corn muffins

party food



1. After baking, I separated some of the white icing to dye it pink for the pigs.

2. After icing the cupcakes, we decorated them with a variety of materials.


3. Pigs: We used pink jellybeans, candy eyes, brown Reese's pieces, and pink mini-marshmallows for the pigs.

4. Chickens: We used brown Reese's pieces, red and orange jellybeans, and candy eyes for the chickens.

5. Cows: We used black jellybeans, pink mini-marshmallows, candy eyes, and brown Reese's pieces for the cows.

6: Sheep: We use pink and white mini-marshmallows, candy eyes, pink jellybeans, and brown Reese's pieces for the sheep.


I used an example I had seen for Easter as a starting point to make our own lamb cake.

1. After baking the cake, we iced it.

2. We used a little red food dye to color two marshmallows cut in half for ears.

3.  We used a variety of jelly beans for the eyes and mouth.

Peeps and Corn 


1. After cleaning an egg carton, I put white jelly beans in the bottom for eggs and placed edible grass on the top as hay.

2.  Then I placed peeps and worms in the container.

 3. For the corn, we made individual baggies of popped corn and attached green tissue paper on the outside to give the appearance of the leaves and stalks.

popcorn, apples

Games and Crafts 

I created several barnyard animals from milk, juice, and soda bottles to allow the kids to bowl.

I also painted a box to imitate a cow's hide so they could play toss.  I used bulletin board milk glasses (left over from a milk and cookie set in which I used the cookies for my son's Sesame Street Party) to create an item they would toss into the box.  I simply traced the glasses onto cardboard and then cut out the shapes.  After they were glued on, they had just enough weight to make it easy for the kids (5 and under) to toss into the box.

Chicken Craft

I made the sample (on the top) before the party using my daughter's hand.  At the party, my son and his two cousins made their roosters to take home.


To decorate our door, I used bulletin board conversation bubbles from the dollar store to write down animal sounds.  I also had animal pictures that the children could match up to the correct sound as a game.

I made several barnyard animals to hang in our house.  My daughter called this one "the sad cow."


The chicken and pig were in the kitchen. 

The sheep was in the dining room.

I also made four animals out of construction paper to decorate our kitchen and dining room: cow, lamb, horse, and pig.

We made these before the party. They look a little more like bunnies but that is okay. 

My daughter and her 'baby' cousin.

My toddlers made this hand-print chicken art to help decorate as well as the other crafts below.



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