Friday, May 15, 2020

Book Club: Book Review of Warfare Prayers for Women

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Sometimes finding the right words is difficult. How many times have you set out to pray but have been at a loss for words? Or perhaps you feel you are too busy to properly pray? A new book by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock is written to help the woman who finds she is too busy to "find the words to express what" they want to pray (15). Warfare Prayers for Women: Securing God's Victory in Your Life is a beautiful hardcover book split into eleven parts that truly helps the reader pray with power. Whether you are married or single, praying for young or grown children, or praying for yourself or family, there are a great number of prayers that can meet your needs.

book cover of Warfare Prayers for Women How is the book divided? 

  • Part One: Praying with Power 
  • Part Two: Praying against Hindrances 
  • Part Three: Praying for Life's Milestones
  • Part Four: Praying for Children and Grandchildren
  • Part Five: Praying for Family and Friends 
  • Part Six: Praying When Single 
  • Part Seven: Praying through Tough Times
  • Part Eight: Praying in My Senior Years
  • Part Nine: Praying for My Community and Nation 
  • Part Ten: Important Prayer Helps
  • Part Eleven: Scriptures for Intercession and Warfare 

Each prayer is on one page with accompanying scriptural quotes from the Bible. On occasion, the prayers themselves even have references to scriptures in the Bible. For example, in the prayer "Saying No to Worry," we read the notation to see Genesis 50:18-21 NKJV when the prayer states "Even if bad things happen, You are a good Father who can take what the devil means for evil and turn it into good" (46). So if you are looking to incorporate some more Bible reading into your day, you can be inspired by Warfare Prayers for Women.

page from Warfare Prayers for Women; Overall Daily Prayer for Family

What Did I Think? 

I love how beautiful the book is – the cover is colored in gorgeous blue and purple hues with the same color scheme following inside its pages. This would look lovely on your bookshelf, dresser, or desk as you read whatever prayer fits your daily need. (The only thing that would make the book better is a ribbon attached to mark your place."

I really like the prayers for family and friends, for praying through tough times, and for praying for my community and nation. All of these prayers are timely for this time period with the quarantining of families. Everyone – friends, family, pastors, neighbors, leaders, etc. – need our prayers more than ever. There is even a prayer for the media asking God to "empower them with wisdom and courage" (240).

I would recommend Warfare Prayers for Women: Securing God's Victory in Your Life by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock for any women seeking to form a closer relationship with God. "Prayer is our vital link to God" and finding a way to open our talks with God through prayer is important. This book can help. I think it would make a lovely gift for your mother, daughter, grandmother, or another loved woman in your life.


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  1. I love the cover colors as well. And boy do I agree, with these crazy times I am drawn to pray more than ever.