Monday, May 4, 2020

Crafts: R is for Redstone

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For many years our family has enjoyed the game of Minecraft. Our oldest son first introduced us to the game when it was released for the Xbox 360 and now our two younger children play the game as well. It is great for fostering creativity and teamwork as everyone in the family can play in one world and work together to build elaborate towns, farms, and mines. We made multiple crafts including an Enderman-inspired letter E, mosaics based on characters in the game, and we had a special Minecraft Birthday Party for our younger son.

letter R craft (gray with red dots)As much as I enjoy playing Minecraft, Redstone is not one of the materials I use beyond building Redstone lamps and minecart tracks. This doesn't mean we can't make a fun craft inspired by it in Minecraft.


  • Construction paper 
  • Letter R template 
  • Crayons, markers, or paint (you will need paintbrushes if you choose to paint your project) 
  • Dot paints or square sponges for paint 
white letter r; red do-a-dot paint; scissors, glue stick, gray markers, construction paper


1. Prepare the letter R template.

2. Color the letter R gray (or paint it gray).

coloring the letter R with a gray marker

letter R colored gray on blue construction paper background

3. Glue onto construction paper.

gluing letter R onto red construction paper

4. Make red spots on the letter R. Try to make sure they are not too round as Minecraft is all about squares.

painting letter R with red do-a-dot marker

4. Display your letter R after it is dry.

letter R redstone craft

Read Up On Redstone

In addition to this fun craft, there are other ways you can incorporate learning about Redstone into your homeschooling day. Look at one of the many books about the ore in Minecraft. Where can you find it? What are the uses of Redstone? 

In the Game 

If your children are old enough to play Minecraft, you can have them use Redstone in the actual game. They can design a trap using Redstone or create a lighthouse with a 'spinning' light. They can use a silk touch pick to pick up the ore and display it in a Minecraft Museum. 

Extra Craft Idea - Make a 3D Redstone Torch 

Gather together a paper towel roll, red tissue paper, and an electric tea light. After painting the paper towel roll shades of brown, cover the top with the red tissue paper. Place the electric tea light in the top of the Redstone torch if you want the torch active.

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