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Book Club: Book Review of The Lost Lieutenant

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Historical fiction can bring to life the days of the past by introducing imaginary – but totally believable – characters amidst a variety of events in the past. These stories can also encourage readers to go research the time period to learn more on their own. In The Lost Lieutenant readers are immersed in the Regency Era of Great Britain meeting a war hero and his future bride. Erica Vetsch weaves a tale of suspense while her characters demonstrate their faith in God. Reading and reviewing The Lost Lieutenant was a pleasure.

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About the Story

First in the Serendipity & Secrets series, The Lost Lieutenant begins in Berkshire, England on January 4, 1813, at the home of Diana Seaton. She is preparing, at her father's bidding, for her debut season in London while worrying about how she will be able to keep her promise to her sister. What was once a dream - escaping to the capital city of London and attending a myriad of social events - is now something she is dreading as she would rather stay at home on the Seaton Estate.

We are quickly transported to a hospital where we meet Evan Eldridge who was injured at the Battle of Salamanca in the South of Spain. Even though Evan was mostly healed physically, he was still suffering from nightmares, memory loss, and panic attacks. He was suffering from what the French called "Vent du boulet" – the wind of the bullet. Soldiers who suffered from the wind of the bullet thought the war was still going on around them even though they were nowhere near the battlefield. What would happen to the soldier who was the best sharpshooter of his regiment? What would happen to Evan Eldridge? Readers quickly learn his life will be turned upside by the Prince Regent in no time at all.

Book cover of The Lost Lieutenant; quote: "And yet there was one hard and fast rule he was learning. One did not say no to the Prince Regent." - Evan

The story of Diana and Evan in The Lost Lieutenant is set in the Regency Era. This was the time period when the Prince Regent (who would become King George IV) ruled in place of his father, King George III, who was ill. The Lost Lieutenant is set in 1814, which was in the early years of the Regency Era (1811 to 1820). The Prince Regent is very involved in the lives of both Diana and Evan as he confers the title of Earl of Whitelock upon Evan Eldridge for rescuing the godson of the Prince Regent. This godson just happens to be the half-brother of Diana who was being presented at court on the same day.

My Thoughts

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I liked how, through a series of events and coincidences, the Prince Regent promoted the marriage of Evan and Diana which would end up being extremely beneficial to both of them. Diana would be free of her father's influence and be able to fulfill her promise to her deceased sister. Evan would have a strong helper in starting out as a member of the peerage in the way of his wife. (Evan was also receiving help from Marcus Haverly, himself a member of the aristocracy but a second son.) All the struggles that befell Evan were due to the fact that you do not say, "No," to the Prince Regent. I love the fact that the ruling class has such power over the aristocracy (who has such power over everyone else). Such an interesting difference from the way most of us are used to living today.

I felt very drawn to the characters. I was eager to find out what would happen to Evan and his new life as Earl of Whitelock. This title was accompanied by an estate that was crumbling and ill-kept even with a dutiful man remaining behind at the estate when the old Earl had died. When Evan and his Lady Diana arrived at White Haven, they discovered just how much work was ahead of them. They basically had to achieve a miracle in time for the visit of the Prince Regent.

I would recommend The Lost Lieutenant to those who enjoy historical fiction, Christian romance, and Christian fiction. Please note there are scenes in which Erica Vetsch tackles some difficult subjects like the physical and emotional abuse that Diana faces from her father and pre-marital relations that occur within the aristocracy. So even while The Lost Lieutenant examines weighty issues (including Evan's own stress from serving in the war), the book is enjoyable and uplifting as Evan and Diana find hope in each other and God.

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About the Author – Erica Vetsch

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Erica Vetsch is a New York Times best-selling and ACFW Carol Award-winning author. She loves Jesus, history, romance, and sports. You can find her at the following social media pages:

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