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Book Club: Black Bird Yellow Sun – Learning Colors

Book Club: Black Bird Yellow Sun Learning Colors; book cover of Black Bird Yellow Sun; A Mom's Quest to Teach Logo

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Teaching colors to children opens up the door to so many educational opportunities! As soon as they can begin distinguishing between colors using proper words, then they have another way to explain the environment around them. They can answer questions as to which t-shirt they wish to wear tomorrow or what color crayon they would like to use next.

Finding books to teach and reinforce colors can be easy but what activities can you do with them? Steve Light's Black Bird Yellow Sun is a lovely board book with bright colors and clear, large text to tell the story. (It really isn't a story. Each set of pages offers text to accompany the color. For example, "Black Bird Purple Grapes".)

Introducing Colors and Vocabulary

    A Mom's Quest to Teach: Book Club: Black Bird Yellow Sun; book cover of Black Bird Yellow Sun; Review colors with your preschooler
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Orange 
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Blue 

  • Bird
  • Sun
  • Leaves
  • Grapes
  • Grass
  • Snake
  • Rocks
  • Flowers

I love teaching my children vocabulary using index cards, our whiteboard, writing the words with chalk outside, or even writing the words in different colors over and over. 



This book just screams for one to break out the paints! The illustrations were made by printing cardboard shapes with ink according to the book. I think children could have so much fun imitating the technique also using stamps of various materials. 

Be sure to ask your child to find the worm on each set of pages! Along with the black bird, the worm is there is help your child identify colors.

I decided to go a different route for a craft in our homeschool for this book. I used clipart from Canva as the basis for the craft. After printing out the bird, I let our children let their creativity shine.


blue and containers of dry beans


1. Find a picture or photograph of a black bird or have your children draw a picture of a black bird.

Black Bird Yellow Sun book; clipart of bird

2. Ask your children to decide what images from the story they would like to include in their picture. Our son wanted to include the red snake and our daughter wanted to include the yellow sun and the purple grapes.

page from inside book - Black Bird Red Snake

3. Glue on the dried beans to create the shapes desired. Attach the black bird onto your picture.

gluing dry beans onto clipart of bird

beans glued in a circle for a sun; beans glued to look like leaves

4. After the glue has dried, your children can paint the beans. As long as your children gently paint the beans, then they won't fall off too easily.

beans painted yellow

black bird clipart; beans glued onto paper to look like grapes

5. After the paint is dried, display your children's artwork.

More Ideas

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  1. looks like your children enjoyed this craft. Did they learn their colours well?