Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Minecraft Birthday: Punch Trees and Party!

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Everyone in our family enjoys Minecraft (okay, maybe Dad doesn't enjoy it as much as the rest of us but he will still play the video game with us if we ask). When we asked our soon-to-be five-year-old what theme he wanted for his birthday party, Minecraft was a top choice.


Food and Minecraft decorationsAs our teen had a Minecraft-themed birthday party a few years ago, we wanted to try to serve some different foods this time. Plus – with our 5-year-old's birthday being in June, we were able to grill food outdoors rather than just rely upon indoor cooking like we usually do for our teen's birthday in September.  

We prepared hamburgers and hot dogs for the beef and pork of Minecraft. The other foods in the Minecraft world consist of bread (hamburger and hot-dog rolls), fish (Swedish fish), baked potatoes (potato salad), carrots, and melon (gummy melon candy).

We also had lots of different types of snacks and candies to represent the different ores and other items from the Minecraft game. 

Ores: Lapis, gold, iron, diamond, redstone, emerald, and coal 
Lava and Water: Jello 
Sticks: Pretzel sticks 

Creeper cups and drinks

Treats and Sweets

Sweets and treats

We put together an Enderman Cake and decorated cupcakes like the cake from the game.

Enderman cake
Enderman cake

Birthday cupcake
Cupcakes decorated like the cake (It's a lie!) from Minecraft



As usual, I like to have the children involved with preparing the decorations for the parties. It provides the perfect opportunity to work on arts and crafts, learn new skills, and cooperate to ensure everyone has a fun time. 

Spider and Happy Birthday Poster
Our teen helped with making a Minecraft Birthday Sign

Minecraft Tools 

Our teen drew the templates for the sword, ax, and shovel and I traced them onto cardboard from boxes and cut them out. Then our two younger children and I painted them along with a few torches to decorate the house. Yes, we could have bought the foam ones but it wouldn't have provided as much fun as painting lots of Minecraft objects on the living room floor! 

Cardboard Minecraft swords, torches, shovelspainting a sword

Minecraft Creatures 

I had been saving old boxes for quite a while in our basement and now was the time to use them! I painted them white and then used both construction paper and plastic tablecloths to create a pig and enderman.

Minecraft Pig

Nether Portal and Photo Background 

At the entry way to our kitchen, I created a Nether Portal with purple and black crepe paper.

My husband and I used a blue tablecloth, white construction paper, and green construction paper to create a Minecraft backdrop for photos.

Minecraft Nether Portal


Other Decorations 

In a previous post, I shared how we created Minecraft Character faces to decorate. We also used Minecraft toys that our sons have gotten as gifts over the years. Our teen and I also created spawn eggs using permanent markers and old plastic eggs

Minecraft character


Creeper Cardboard Minecraft Game

The kids played Creeper Toss with Creeper Spawn Eggs and this giant Creeper Head I made from a cardboard box.

The party was a great hit with our son, family, and friends. I love being able to help our children celebrate with fun parties.



  1. Oh how fun! I love all the little touches with the food and decorations. And that's great your kids helped out.


    1. I love getting them involved - kinda like by helping they are gifting their sibling another present.

  2. Your family did a great job creating the perfect Minecraft birthday party! My 10-year old stepdaughter is a big Minecraft fan. I might have to steal some of these ideas for her next birthday!

    1. Thank you - it was so much fun. They are still playing with the cardboard swords & shovels.

  3. My boys would LOVE this party theme!! It looks like you put a lot of work into all the little details.

    1. We tend not to go for big things (no where to store them and they might cost too much for us) so we do the little things - food, paper decorations, etc.

  4. This minecraft birthday looks super cool! It seems like the kiddos had a blast. The kid will have to thank you for making such brilliant arrangements from the d├ęcor to the food and those game ideas. at one of the local home studios NYC we also celebrated our son’s birthday and that was also pretty interesting.