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Crafts: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You Look Like?

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Our children love creating crafts – especially if they are centered around animals! So this month, I decided we should make a brown bear craft inspired by Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Our youngest son was gifted a copy of the book when he was quite little, and we have been enjoying this classic story ever since.

While I designed the craft, I did a little bit of research so I could share some Brown Bear facts with our children. What do they look like? Where do they live? What types of food do they enjoy eating? 

Brown Bear Facts 

  • They are omnivorous mammals living in forest habitats and mountains 
  • Brown Bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds 
  • They are often solitary except for gathering along salmon-spawning streams and other areas where they go for food 
  • They often give birth to twins, but litters can have 1 to 4 cubs 
  • There are many subspecies of Brown Bears, including ones known as Kodiak and Grizzly 
  • They have short, thick legs 
  • Brown Bears can hibernate for four to six months in their den during the winter months 
  • They live up to 25 years in the wild and 40 years in captivity 

Text: Crafts: Brown Bear; A Mom's Quest to Teach; photo of brown construction paper bear on black construction paper



1. Gather your materials. I sketched the shapes needed for the Brown Bear before we made the craft. 

2. Lay all the pieces onto the construction paper chosen for the background. Glue them on the construction paper one by one. 

3. Glue on the legs for the bear. The bear is in profile. 

gluing the four legs of the brown construction paper bear onto the black construction paper

4. Glue on the body, head, and ear of the bear. 

gluing ear onto brown construction paper bear

5. Glue on the snout of the bear and then a googly eye for your bear. 

brown construction paper bear craft completed

6. Design the background. Draw a cave, a stream, or the night sky. 

completed brown bear construction paper craft

brown bear craft; drawing grass onto construction paper

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