Friday, October 30, 2020

Book Club: Make Way for Ducklings

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One of the books that has been included in several of our homeschooling curricula has been Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. While using StoryTime Treasures from Memoria Press, we read through the book with our son. Then, we had the pleasure of reading Make Way for Ducklings again with God's Creation from A to Z from My Father's World with our daughter. After reading the book multiple times, I decided we should make a cute craft to go along with it, too.

book cover of Make Way for Ducklings
When you let the kids play with googly eyes, you see what happens. 

The Story 

Make Way for Ducklings takes readers on a journey with Mr. and Mrs. Mallard as they plan where they are going to live and start a family of their own. The book offers many opportunities for children to practice their reading and rhyming as they learn the names of the ducklings – Jack, Kack, Lack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack. Parents can also discuss the importance of following traffic rules when crossing the street.

Text: Book Club: Make Way for Ducklings; A Mom's Quest to Teach; craft ducklings photo; clip art of duck footprints

What About Ducks? 

Ducks are very interesting birds to study. We are fortunate that there are several lakes within a short driving distance that we can visit to see them in person. In the past, I have worked with ducks while working in education at a city zoo.

  • Ducks live in both fresh water and salt water 
  • Male ducks are called drakes, female ducks are called hens, and baby ducks are ducklings 
  • Depending on what types of food a duck eats, they may have to dive deeper into the water 
  • Ducks have been domesticated and kept on farms or as pets for more than 500 years 
  • Ducks are raised for their eggs, meat, and feathers 
  • Ducks' feathers have a waterproof quality to them – hence the saying, "Let it roll off you, like water off a ducks' back."
  • In many species of ducks, the males and females have different feather colors and patterns



1. Gather all of your materials. 

materials for craft - scissors, construction paper & book Make Way for Ducklings

2. Lay out all of the materials onto the blue construction paper (you will only need have a sheet of construction).

3. Glue the body of the duck onto the blue construction paper.  

putting glue onto back of duck's construction paper body

4. Glue on the head of the duck onto the blue construction paper. 

gluing on of head and duck of construction paper craft

5. Glue on the eyes. You can use googly eyes if you or your children wish.

head and body and eyes of construction paper duck

6. Glue on the beak and add the nostril. 

completed construction paper duck craft

7. If you are adding feathers, you can add them for the wings or tail.

If you have any favorite duck-themed crafts or children's books, please share in the comments! 


  1. This is one of my favorite children's stories. I just finished crocheting a set of ducks to go with the story as a present for a family member. The posts are up on my blog.

    When Covid is finally past if you ever are in Boston you should go to see the Duck statues.

    1. Can you share the link to the post? I was scrolling through your posts but couldn't find it.

  2. oh i remember this one! :) good craft to go along with it!