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Studying God's Creation from A to Z: A Review of My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum

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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

For the past several weeks, our daughter and I have been using the Christian homeschool kindergarten curriculum from My Father's World – God's Creation from A to Z – to learn about the world around us. We spent the first two weeks discussing the creation found in Genesis of the Bible and then moved on to studying different topics based upon the letters of the alphabet.

Before our kindergarten curriculum kit was mailed, I had the opportunity to speak with customer service to ensure that we would have everything we need in our kit. God's Creation from A to Z Deluxe Package incorporates everything you need for language arts, mathematics, Bible study, character development, and even science. My brief chat with customer service was wonderful and my kit arrived in the mail a short while later. My daughter was so excited to get started! It is always nice to connect with a company that is helpful and caring.

children's books in box
So many great books in this kit!

opening box of books; How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world
As we took out each book and material, our daughter wanted to read it and examine it. 

What Is the Focus of God's Creation from A to Z?

As you may have guessed, this kindergarten curriculum approaches a year-long study using the letters of the alphabet as well as the creation of the world. Your child will start with a two-week introduction talking about the first seven days in the Bible – creating their own picture book and poster to demonstrate the events and then move onto the weeks which focus upon the different letters.

Creation 2 day craft
Each day when studying about the creation, our daughter created a new page for her book.

7 days creation craft

The following 26 hands-on units are packed full of a variety of lessons, stories, and ideas to help you teach your kindergartener about the world around them. The step-by-step instructions make it very easy to implement the lesson plans.

Some of the Topics Covered 

    text: A Mom's Quest to Teach: Studying God's Creation from A to Z: A Review of My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum; image of A Mom's Quest to Teach logo; cover of God's Amazing World student book
  • Creation 
  • Turtle
  • Five senses 
  • Dinosaurs 
  • Goats (farm animals) 
  • Christmas (two weeks set aside) 
  • Penguins 
  • Zebras (wild animals) 
  • Frogs and Butterflies (to study life cycles) 
  • Vegetables 
  • Yellow (all colors) 
  • Fruit of the Spirit 

For each new week, the curriculum is laid out in a chart in the spiral-bound Teacher's Manual. This provides an easy-at-a-glance overview of the different activities you and your child will be doing during the week. For example, in week 21, your child will learn about the letter K with kangaroo being the focus word. The Biblical Concept Flashcard for this week reads, "I am safe in God." Some of the activities as laid out in the opening page of the week include making a kangaroo pencil holder our of an empty juice can, finding the home of kangaroos on the globe, and reading Katy No-Pocket. You can check these off as you complete them.

Week 5: Leaf lesson plan

I found great flexibility in using God's Creation from A to Z with our daughter. For some weeks, we completed many of the activities listed for reading, language arts, math, and science but for others, we skipped some of them including many of the snack ideas. But even though I didn't use everything as outlined, I love all the options that the curriculum provides. If your child is really interested in the moon, you can read additional books as suggested like Goodnight Moon, talk about gravity, make a model of the moon's surface, and even bake a moon cake. Each week comes with a variety of additional ideas to help parents fill out the week for their kindergartners.

calendar of July and 100 chart

Typical Week for Us - Look at Week 5: Leaf

Each day, I would present our daughter with the calendar and number chart to fill in. After this, we would move on to another activity as outlined in the Teacher Manual. One day, we collected leaves outside and traced them for painting and made leaf rubbings.

tracing leaf

leaf rubbings

leaf painting

We also read the pages on the leaf in God's Amazing World and tried to match up the geometric shapes with the different leaves pictured. On another day, our daughter read A Tree is Nice to us and made a leaf-shaped badge with the Biblical Concept written on it: "I will live and grow in Jesus." We also used the Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book's letter L page as well as built a three-dimensional structure with the rods that are part of the kit. During this week, we also listened to the song 'Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day' and read several verses from the New Testament from John 15, 1 John 5, and others. 

leaf page in God's Amazing World

Putting It All Together 

For the first several weeks of using God's Creation from A to Z from My Father's World, parents are instructed to read For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macauley, which is included in the kit. This book provides a wonderful look at what education can be when it is based upon Christian teaching and understanding. There are practical advice and wonderful suggestions that will help homeschooling parents (both new ones and veterans) formulate a plan and method for homeschooling. And the advice for homeschooling parents does not stop there – included in the Teacher's Manual are encouragement and advice as well as thoughts from Marie, the author. How wonderful to read the reminder that in 1 Timothy 5:10 a woman's good deeds include "bringing up children." When it seems like parenting is a never-ending task, it is nice to be reminded it is an important and godly task.

children's books part of My Father's World God's Creation from A to Z Deluxe Kit

There are so many wonderful components that are part of this kindergarten curriculum from My Father's World. Through the Teacher's Manual, it is very easy to incorporate the Cuisenaire rods, the student sheets, the classical CD, the many children's picture books, and the activities. During week 3, when we were studying the letter s and the sun, everything seemed to fit together so naturally and flow from one activity to the next. We spent time painting, reading, writing, listening to a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, and listening to the Nutcracker Suite. What a great assortment of activities for our daughter to experience! There was no guesswork for me as to what to do.

books and activities relating to Sun lesson from God's Creation from A to Z

What Do We Think? 

Our daughter and I were amazed at the quality of God's Creation from A to Z kindergarten curriculum kit from the moment it arrived. I am still in awe each day when I take out our materials and prepare for the homeschool lessons for that day. There are so many wonderful resources and ideas provided for homeschooling parents. For example, I am gathering the materials for Week 8: Turtle and I am reminded of a poem from my own childhood (The Little Turtle). I love the snack suggestion of creating a turtle with bread and peanut butter as well as the pages in God's Amazing World on turtles. I am so glad that it teaches about a turtle's shell and skeleton as well as a brief introduction to a turtle's egg-laying practices.

I have really enjoyed reading For the Children's Sake. I feel like sometimes I could underline entire pages as I want to remember many points the author makes. I never really felt that my homeschool style was similar to that of Charlotte Mason but now I see that I share many of the same viewpoints as her through this introduction.

I am amazed at all the books being included in the deluxe package. What a joy to not have to worry about whether or not we own a certain book or if our small library has a copy (inter-library loan is not available right now). I can go to our bookshelf and pick out which one we need for the week. If you want to see a video of some of the books that were part of the kit, please check out my Instagram post.

children's books part of My Father's World kindergarten deluxe kit

One of the books I was really excited to see was the Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book. We owned a small pack of the rods prior to receiving this kit and I was at a loss as to how to use them beyond counting. I love all the different ideas presented in the book. Our daughter can work on problem-solving like when it asks her to build the letter I using rods of all different colors or to build the letter I using only one color. She can also have fun as she builds the different shapes.

cuisenaire rods

cuisenaire rods - alphabet rods
Our daughter couldn't wait to start using the rods and the book. 

Our daughter has really been enjoying God's Creation from A to Z. She loves the variety of activities. She was so excited to paint the sun (she painted three different ones in yellow, orange, and red) and to read the different books. Another thing she loves doing is reading the Biblical Concept Cards and hanging them on our door. We have also been hanging the badges she creates each week alongside them. They are great visual reminders – for everyone – of what she is learning and what we should all remember.

Biblical Concept Cards and badges

I would recommend God's Creation from A to Z to any homeschooling parent looking for a solid kindergarten curriculum for their child. The customer service was great and the package is fantastic. The student worksheets provide our daughter with the opportunity to practice her writing of numbers and letters as well as give her a chance to be creative when she is drawing her own animals, objects, and things that start with that week's letter. She practices her scissor skills and reading skills as well as learns new things about the world around her. This is a great homeschooling experience for young children just starting their formal educational journey.

apple counting activity

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  1. What a great set up for this age group. My Father's World looks just wonderful for you and your daughter to work through together.

  2. thanks! would you say you felt it was cruitial to have Little Jewel Bird? I got a used set that doesnt include it and its not readily available on amazon. I was wondering if it was really necessary to go out of my way to get.

    1. I think you could do the lessons that week without the book if you couldn't find it. While my daughter enjoyed it, it as not her favorite book that we read. She really liked Tacky the Penguin. (We read that one a lot.)