Thursday, August 6, 2020

Crafts: K is for Kiwi

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kiwi plushOn a trip to the craft store in the late fall, we picked up the cutest kiwi plush. It is bright and colorful, not at all like the actual flightless bird, but our daughter fell in love with it. I must admit to falling in love with the soft plush, too.

When I was thinking about what craft to do for the letter K, I was trying to come up with something that I had not seen done. Kites and kangaroos are popular letter K crafts but why not a kiwi? It's the perfect opportunity for our children to make an adorable craft and learn more about this interesting bird from New Zealand.

clip art of a kiwi from

Facts About Kiwis 

  • Flightless 
  • Loose, hair-like feathers 
  • Strong, powerful legs
  • No tail 
  • Tiny, almost non-existent wings of one inch 
  • Native to New Zealand 
  • Can live 30 to 50 years 
  • Lays one (maybe two) eggs in each clutch – they may have three clutches a year 
  • The heaviest kiwi – the brown kiwi – can weigh 3 to 11 pounds 
  • Even though kiwis are about the size of a chicken, their eggs are as big as an emu egg 
  • Classified in the same family – ratite – as its cousins the cassowary, emu, ostrich, and rhea 
  • Has a highly developed sense of smell 
  • Eats grubs, worms, bugs, berries, and seeds 
text: Crafts: K is for Kiwi: A Mom's Quest to Teach; photo of letter K with a construction paper kiwi; plush kiwi



1. Gather all the materials. If your children are old enough, they can draw the shapes or cut out the shapes you draw for the craft.

construction paper; letter k cut out of construction paper; glue stick; scissors

2. Glue on the letter K.

construction paper craft; glue stick; plush kiwi

3. Glue on the body of the kiwi.

4. Glue on the feet - they should stretch to the bottom two parts of the letter K.

gluing legs of construction paper kiwi onto letter K with glue stick

5. Glue on the head and beak. The beak should stretch to one of the top parts of the letter K.

gluing construction paper head of kiwi on letter k

6. Glue on the eye. Only one - the kiwi is in profile!

Construction paper kiwi glued onto letter K


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  1. Oh my that was fun to read. My husband worked on Kiwi recovery breeding program when we lived in New Zealand from 1997 to 2006. We had an amazing time living at a wildlife reserve that had a nocturnal house with Kiwi. They had North Island Brown Kiwi. Thank you for sharing

    1. That sounds like so much fun - hard work but satisfying to know you are helping.

  2. Super cute idea! Kiwis are one of my favorite birds.

    1. Thank you! They are such an interesting bird, aren't they?

  3. My 7 year old daughter will fall in love with this little kiwi bird. Thank you for sharing the idea, I will definitly let her do this!

  4. Super cute information on the Kiwi bird. Can’t wait to complete the craft with my 6 year old daughter