Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Homeschooling Must Have Resources and Supplies in Our Home

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If you read ten homeschool blog posts about must-have resources and supplies, you might find ten different lists. There might be some similarities like a library card or access to the Internet but the lists will also be diverse because there are so many different homeschooling styles and materials available. And your own personal list of must-have resources might change as your children get older and grow. For example, arts and crafts supplies might change from crayons and markers to watercolor paints and acrylic paints.

Must Have Resources in Our Homeschool

Text: Homeschooling Must Have Resources and Supplies in Our Home; From favorite online resources to binders and a good 3 hole-punch; logo of A Mom's Quest to Teach; notebook clipart; teacher and blackboard clipartOne of the items that is of great importance in our homeschool is an editable digital planner. I love using a planner that allows me to type in the weekly homeschool work and then print it out so that I can share it with our teen son. I usually like to type in two to three weeks' worth of work and then print them out each week. If we have changes, I can easily copy and paste in future weeks. Using an editable PDF planner allows me to prepare the schedule for our son as well as creates a record of work completed.

Other must-haves in our homeschool are binders and a good three-hole punch. While we use a variety of materials for homeschooling from online programs like CTCMath (where I do not need to print papers) to printed books for studying languages like Latin, we also incorporate many courses from SchoolhouseTeachers.com from which I print work for our children to complete. Having binders for each of them is a must for organization. I usually print our children's work two to three weeks in advance so – if we need to make a change – I will not have wasted a lot of printing or time.

So having a stack of binders of various sizes, a good hole punch, and divider pages are very helpful for our homeschool!

Another must-have resource in our homeschool is our subscription to Minno.  As parents, we want to ensure that our children are watching appropriate television shows and Minno helps us accomplish this goal. It is a perfect fit for our younger children. The service provides a fun way to approach our Bible study and character development. They can watch old favorites like Veggie Tales (and Minno has been adding more episodes) or new programs put together specifically for recent events like Church at Home.

Supplies in Our Homeschool 

There are quite a few items that make homeschooling easier. From pens and pencils to notebooks and folders, the back to school aisles provide many options of varying designs and styles. We are fortunate that our basic supplies – pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, etc. – last us from year to year. We do not have to pack them up into a book bag and send them to school. It always amazed me the state of our son's supplies when he cleaned out his desk at the end of the year when he attended public school.

There is one supply we have to restock on a regular basis for younger children – scrap paper. Our younger children LOVE to draw, so having extra paper available for them is very important. They can use it for drawing, mathematics work, spelling, etc. Previously, I had given them a lot of the papers and pages from when I was teaching but they have since depleted most of those pages. So, a few times a year, we pick up a ream of printer paper for them to use as their scrap paper.

What makes your list of must-have resources and supplies for your homeschool? Do we share any favorites?

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  1. We were talking about the need for scrap paper as an essential homeschool supply just a bit ago. When my middle child was younger, scrap paper and tape were absolute necessities for her! She loved to build with paper.

    1. Yes! I have get a tight lid on our tape but my kids use the glue sticks all the time.