Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Describing Oneself

Text: Describing Oneself and photo of daffodils

I sat here last night and tried my best to come up with a tagline for Google+ and an introduction to myself. Anything I wrote seemed very trivial. Who really cares what television shows I like or what video games I like to play or watch others play on YouTube? Is that really who I am?

Just a short five years ago I would have introduced myself as a history teacher who liked reading Mercedes Lackey novels, watching Project Runway and other similar reality shows, and going to ice hockey games.  Today I feel like the only thing that adequately describes me is: Mom.  Some days I am okay with that description and others I feel like I want more out of my life. But for now I am a mom who wants to teach her children.

Photo of waterwheel and text of A Mom's Quest to Teach

August 2018 

Revisiting this post several years later makes me realize that one of my most important titles is Mom. That is not trivial in the least. In fact, being a mom is something to be very proud of each day.

I may not enjoy all the same hobbies but I am still content with being a mom who wants to teach her children. In fact, we are homeschooling all three of them now!

For those who have joined me on this quest, I thank you. I look forward to seeing what the next 3 years and beyond will bring.

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