Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Crafts: Pole Arms and Stained Glass Windows

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For my stepson's 15th birthday, we hosted a Swords and Wizardry Light-themed party. In addition to purchasing items to decorate our house, I also made several decorations with the help of my husband and daughter.

Trident and Pole Ax

Using old cardboard from my teen's dresser, I traced and cut out shapes to make a dagger, pole ax, trident, and shield.

I used old paints of varying shades of gray and black as well as some silver paint to add depth.

This project took several hours over the course of multiple days as I waited for the paint to dry so I could add another coat.

pieces needed for trident and pole ax
Pieces ready for paint

Painting process

Stained Glass Windows 

After researching a variety of DIY stained glass crafts on Pinterest, I decided to modify how we would make our own for the kitchen. We purchased two pieces of poster board and using stencils, I traced some shapes which my husband cut out.

Designed, traced, and waiting to be cut by my husband.

I used recycled tissue paper from previous birthdays and holidays to create the coloring glass effect.

My daughter helped choose the colors. 

I would recommend cutting the tissue paper to closely match the shape of the design.  It will help give it a more polished look.

This project took several hours to complete from tracing, cutting out the shapes, and cutting and gluing the tissue paper.

If I were to do this project again, I would use black poster board to prevent seeing the shape of the tissue paper when the poster board is hung in the window.  I would also use two pieces of poster board for each 'window' so that the tissue paper is in between them for durability.


  1. I love DIY party decor! Thanks for sharing your ideas and how they worked for you.

  2. This is so cool! I use my daughter’s art to decorate our house.

  3. I always do something diy for my son’s birthday, makes it special I think. This looked fun!

  4. Neat idea! We have birthday parties this coming Friday and Saturday...