Thursday, October 5, 2017

Trips: Washington Crossing Trip

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We visited Washington Crossing State Park in New Jersey twice this spring/summer.  As a history major in college, I love visiting historical places and as a former zoo employee, I also love visiting nature parks.  Washington Crossing State Park provides a bit of both history and nature for visitors.

The Visitor Center has ample parking, beautiful lawns and trees surrounding it, and a nearby picnic area.  Inside we were able to explore two areas with American Revolution Era artifacts including weapons and clothing.

Visitor Center at Washington Crossing State Park
Visitor's Center

On our second visit, we arrived just before their musket demonstration ended.  Everyone in my family enjoyed getting to see (and hear) the firing of the musket.

Musket Demonstration
Musket Demonstration

Johnson Ferry House  

A short drive from the Visitor Center is the Ferry House which is open to the public and furnished with period furniture.  It was probably used by General George Washington after the December 25, 1776 crossing of the Delaware River.

John Ferry House

John Ferry House

Grinding corn
In the kitchen, they had a mortar and pestle set up to grind corn.
Fruit, Veggies, and Flowers from the Garden
A selection of flowers, fruits, and vegetables from the kitchen garden.

Bedroom at John Ferry House
Bedroom upstairs

Bedroom at John Ferry House
Bedroom upstairs

Garden at John Ferry House
Kitchen Garden 

Nature Center 

Washington Crossing State Park is also home to a Nature Center which houses a variety of natural artifacts including different animal skulls to examine and touch, turtle shells, stuffed birds, and nests, among other items.  There is also a section with puzzles, books, coloring sheets, and live animals.

Deer outside Nature Center
There was a deer outside the Nature Center.  We were able to see it out the window before it returned to the woods.

Bee Hive
Bee's hive set up. 

Display at Nature Center
Exhibits showing the seasons and natural artifacts that can be found in the area.

There were several animals including a corn snake and several different aquatic turtles.


Felt Puzzle
Felt puzzle 
Insect puzzle
Completing a puzzle of insects 

Putting together insect puzzle

We saw several different birds on each of our visits to the Nature Center.

Bird outside Nature Center

There are several different bird feeders outside the front of the Nature Center. 


There are also two playground areas with swings and climbing areas for the children.  We spent time playing there on both visits.


Washington Crossing State Park in New Jersey is a great place to visit with the family. We brought our lunch on both visits, picnicking near the river, and toured the Park itself after lunch. For individuals who like to hike, there are also numerous trails of varying difficulty with abundant wildlife. 

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  1. My husband wants to go to the reenactment of the crossing of the Delaware one year. It looks like a lovely place to visit.

  2. That really isn't super far from where we lived in NJ but we've never visited. I would love to! It's on my list!

    1. I recommend it. We've been several times and enjoyed it each time.

  3. sounds like you had an excellent time.