Sunday, October 8, 2017

Introduction to Science: Small World Sensory Science Lesson: Construction is a site that offers a wide variety of courses (over 300!) to meet your homeschooling needs. From preschool to high school, the site can help parents and students learn about such subjects as the American Revolution, Shakespeare, Algebra, and French.

With more than 30 science classes to choose from, your kids can find TONS of way to get into science! From All About Animals and Bug Science to Science Experiments and Wondrous Weather, we have science for all ages. Who knows? You might discover they want to try all the science classes. Don’t worry if they do—ONE membership to includes ALL of them!

My two littles and I are using the Small World Sensory Science Lessons to learn more about the world around us. Working with sensory bins and activities involving beans, oats, pom-poms, rice, and other sensory materials, we will be exploring such topics as farms, oceans, and ponds.

Using the lesson on Construction, we explored digging and building with trucks, cars, and beans, painting with tire tracks, and sweeping up our mess of lentils and beans.

Kitchen table set up for exploration. 

I put out a variety of beans on different sized trays and plates and provided them with some toy vehicles and plastic lids and caps to scoop up the beans. My daughter was content for a while just placing the beans in the front end loader as well as picking up any of the beans that fell onto the floor.

Cars and beans ready for exploration

We also practiced sweeping with a broom and dust pan since my 4 year old accidentally knocked over the plate of lentils.  

My daughter remarked on more than one occasion how 'shiny' the beans were as she played with them. When we were all done, we poured all the beans into a big plastic container for future lessons.  

Having the foil down on the tray, made for very easy clean up.  I would highly recommend this method. In the future, we will do some of the other activities suggested in the lesson and read books about construction vehicles.  

Become a member of and see all that Small World Sensory Science Lessons have to offer for your preschooler. 

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