Thursday, November 9, 2017

Crafts: B is for Baker

Letter B craft with photo of bread racks

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We first started talking about the concept: B is for Baker using's Preschool Class ABC: What Will I Be?.   In the lesson on the Letter B, parents can introduce apple pie scented play dough to the children, share coloring pages, bake shortbread cookies, read books about baking, and practice math and writing skills.   In my Language Arts blog, I go into more detail about the ABC: What Will I Be? course.  To continue along with the baking idea, I created a Letter B craft for my children.



1. Gather all materials.  If your children are using scissors, they can help cut out the shapes. 

Materials needed for craft - construction paper
Pieces needed to go with the letter B.

2. Color the letter B. (My son drew on his own face along with arms and legs when he was looking at my sample that I created.) 

A Baker on the letter Bcoloring the letter B 

3. Attach the hair with glue or glue sticks. 

Construction paper hair glued onto letter B

4. Attach the chef's hat with glue or glue sticks.

5. Attach the eyes with glue or glue sticks. 

Letter B getting eyes glued on for Baker craft

6. Attach the mustache with glue or glue sticks. 

Letter B Baker craft completed

7. Display your child's artwork. 


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