Saturday, January 13, 2018

Crafts: Christmas Ball Paper Plates

Crafts - finished tissue paper Christmas paper plate ball

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1. Gather all materials.

Toddler craft supplies; glue, paper plates, scissors, tissue paper

2. Either with the help of your children or before gathering everyone for the craft, cut circles out of the tissue paper.

3.  Glue the tissue paper circles onto the paper plates.

Christmas Crafts - paper plate with glue and tissue paperChristmas Crafts - gluing tissue paper onto paper plates

4.  Attach the top of the Christmas Ball to the back of the paper plate with glue or tape.

5. Hang in your house. My kids wanted them on the front door.

Christmas Crafts - finished paper plate Christmas ball ornaments hanging on the door

Christmas Craft pin for Christmas Ball Paper Plate


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Christmas Crafts - attaching tissue paper to paper plate to create craft