Monday, July 9, 2018

Reviewing Bible Study Guide for All Ages (Beginner 3-K)

Cover of Student Pages of Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Opening Bible Study for All Ages box
Our son was so excited when the box arrived!

Our family was very excited to have the opportunity to review the Bible Study Guide for All Ages since both of our younger children (who are three and five) would be able to use the same lessons – Beginner (3-K). We have been using the Beginner Level Student Pages and the Beginner Time Line for the past several weeks and I have been enjoying the time that we are spending together as a family working on our lessons.

On the reverse of the Student Pages cover are quick teacher instructions. They outline materials needed and an overview for each of the sections of the Student Pages. In addition to general information about how to use the Student Pages, it also offers tips for how to bring one's own Bible into the lessons during the reading of the Bible verse and during My Bible section. I have found rereading these quick teacher instructions periodically is helpful in making sure I stay on the right track with the lessons.

Each of the Beginner Level Student Pages is divided into five parts:

Bible Study Guide for All Ages sample page

  • Learn the Basics
  • Sing and Remember 
  • Get Active or My Bible
    • In Get Active, children will work on the concepts of the lesson through examples and activities 
    • In My Bible, children will become familiar with their own Bible 
  • Discover the Bible 
    • Children listen to the Bible story and lesson as we read each numbered paragraph
    • Our children then color, trace, or mark each illustration in the suggested manner 
  • Apply it! 
    • Our children now have the opportunity to apply the lesson to their own lives through answering questions and coloring the large picture 
Bible Study Guide for All Ages student pages
We usually complete our Student Pages while sitting on the floor together.

There is a great video on Bible Study Guide for All Ages that goes through Beginner Level Student Pages. You can view it here

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Beginner Time Line

My children and I love the Beginner Time Line cards (which are geared towards non-reading children ages 3 and up). The set of 34 cards are a perfect way for us to begin each lesson. My husband and I work with our two younger children on each lesson. While my husband reads over the "Get Active" section, I review the Beginner Time Line cards and the questions. Using the full-color, 8.5" x 11" flash cards enables me to ensure both our son and daughter have a chance to each participate.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Beginner Time Line Joseph's Brothers

What We Love

  • There is a minimum of materials required. Most lessons merely need crayons and the student pages.
  • Occasionally items like happy and sad faces drawn on paper, a set of blocks, additional paper, or candy are called for.
  • Uses clear, easy to read text.
  • Positive images of boys and girls of all ethnic and racial backgrounds 
  • "All ages can study the same text." 
The lessons are so easy to navigate and require so little preparation that we can use them at almost any time of our day. So far, the most preparation has been finding some images for children to try and memorize, making cards with happy and sad faces, and finding the appropriate crayons to color in the lesson.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages student page

The first 14 lessons focus upon Joseph from the Old Testament. Our children knew the story of Jacob, his sons, and their experiences very well by the time we were about halfway through the lessons. The next lessons address the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach, Abednego, Nebuchadnezzar, the genealogy of Jesus, birth of Jesus, birth of John the Baptist, and closes with Jesus' youth.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages student pageIn the first two sections – Learn the Basics and Sing and Remember – children can practice their memory skills. Each time we go over the Beginner Time Line, our younger daughter remembers more facts about the Bible. And when we review the questions pertaining to the books of the New Testament, I find our son is remembering all of the books the more we recite them.

My favorite part of the lessons has to be Discover the Bible. I love reading through the information and helping my children color the illustrations as we talk about the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. For example, in lesson 10, students see Joseph revealing his identity to his brothers. To help children understand how Joseph and his brothers felt, the illustrations show them crying in different boxes on the Discover the Bible page. I also love the fact that the lesson lists the name of each brother as they return home. This is just another instance where children can work on memorization.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages student page

After we complete lessons 1-26, I am sure we will be continuing with the next set (lessons 27-52) because I loved that both of our children can work together. And with using the Bible Study Guide for All Ages, our children will be able to study the entire Bible in 416 lessons. Each year, they will study some lessons from the Old Testament and some from the New Testament. And when they grow out of the Beginner (3-K) level, we can simply move to the next level – continuing along the progression of 416 lessons. 

For more information, please visit:

There are several other levels that the Homeschool Review Crew is reviewing including:
And some of the Homeschool Review Crew is reviewing the Wall Maps and Timeline! The maps and timeline look like fantastic resources that our children will be able to use in the near future. 


  1. Wow! This sounds like such a great way to help your kids learn to study the Bible! I love how it incorporates songs and activities and movement for the lessons, to help them remember what they’re learning! My boys will be able to use it together this fall when we start homeschool back up! 😀

    1. If we continue with it (which we hope to), I plan on getting the CD. I want to use all those aspects to help them learn.

  2. This is awesome!! My kids are all older but we are looking to foster and adopt so I will definitely have a look at this when the time comes!!!

    1. Thanks! I love that it will work for both our younger children till they are in elementary school. And they can learn together.

  3. This looks great. I don't have any kids, but I'll be passing this alone for my toddler nephew ;D Thanks for sharing this