Thursday, March 25, 2021

Crafts: V is for Vacation

 Crafts: V is for Vacation; A Mom's Quest to Teach logo; background vacation clipart

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Learning the letters is such an important step for our children. Creating fun ways to reinforce their memory of the letters is one way we as parents can help them on their journey to become well-educated citizens. In this craft, our children used scrapbooking pictures to decorate the letter V to represent an imaginary vacation trip. 



1. Gather all your materials.

scissors, construction paper, glue stick, scrapbook paper

2. Either pre-cut the necessary components or have your children cut the letter and pieces you will need to include on your craft. 

3. Glue the letter onto the construction paper. 

gluing on the letter v

4. Ask your children to pick out the images they will use on their craft. 

scrapbook paper images of trains, planes, suitcases

5. Glue the vacation images onto the letter. 

gluing scrapbook travel images onto a large letter v

6. Display the craft when the glue is dry. 

Crafts V is for Vacation A Mom's Quest to Teach; V craft; suitcase clip art

You can easily tie this craft into a discussion of an upcoming vacation or looking through vacation photographs from the previous year or years. This V is for Vacation craft could also be used as part of a geography lesson where children would pick images from a specific country to place on their letter rather than just vacation-themed ones.  Personally, we love the geography lessons from Let's Go Geography which we reviewed in 2020. 

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