Friday, March 12, 2021

Crafts: Penguin Paper Bag Puppet

Crafts: Penguin Paper Bag Puppet; A Mom's Quest to Teach Logo; clip art penguin background

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After reading Tacky the Penguin as part of our daughter's kindergarten curriculum from My Father's World, I couldn't help but want to make new paper bag puppets with our children. Our children love making paper bag puppets such as a shark or even Wonder Woman. So, they were very excited to see this new craft endeavor.

Facts About Penguins 

  • Flightless bird 
  • Penguins all live on the southern half of the earth - around Antarctica, New Zealand, along the coast of part of South American, Africa, and Australia 
  • Largest penguins are the Emperor Penguin – they can grow up to 3-1/2 feet tall and weigh more than 90 pounds
  • Smallest Penguins are the Little Blue Penguin – they can grow to about 16 inches tall and weigh less than 2-1/5 pounds
  • Penguins feathers are small and tightly packed together which aid them in swimming 
  • The colors of the penguin – black and white – help it camouflage in the water – the dark top blends in with the dark of the ocean and the white belly blends in with the sky when predators look up underneath it towards the ocean surface 

Crafts: Penguin Paper Bag Puppet; A Mom's Quest to Teach; Penguin craft photo

Crafting the Penguin Puppet 



1. Gather all your materials. 

2. Paint or color the paper bag using your preferred method. We used Kwik Stix Paint Sticks to paint the paper bags because the paint would dry quickly and allow us to move on to the next step. 

painting a paper bag pink

3. After you have cut out all the pieces for the penguin, you are ready to start attaching the different pieces of construction paper. 

4. Glue on the body or chest of the penguin.

putting glue on white body piece of paper bag puppet penguin

5. Attach the wings to the penguin. 

gluing the wings of the paper bag puppet penguin

6. Attach the feet to the penguin. 

paper bag penguin puppet with wings, belly, and feet

7. Complete the penguin's face with the eyes and beak. 

Penguin paper bag puppet completed

8. After all the pieces have dried, the penguin puppet is ready for a puppet show. 

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