Thursday, June 11, 2020

Crafts: Shark Paper Bag Puppet

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If you have children, you have probably heard the Baby Shark song. There are many different versions online (some more annoying than others) but it is popular with kids as it is easy to sing and remember. Personally, I think there are way worse songs they could be sharing with me so I let them have their fun in moderation.

Our children have a Baby Shark book published by Scholastic which is based on the song. It is bright and colorful and even includes hand motions to do along with the reading or singing of the song.

Baby Shark Book and shark toy

An informal pop culture holiday week is held every year to honor sharks—Shark Week takes over the television programming, educators share books, crafts, and more that relate to sharks, and we see advertising with shark themes. I allowed myself to be inspired this year and created two shark crafts for our children.

Shark Paper Bag Puppet

Text: Crafts Shark Paper Bag Puppet; A Mom's Quest to Teach; shark paper bag puppet; shark toy; shark craft



1. Gather all your materials. I pre-cut the pieces for our children to make things go more quickly. If your children are old enough, you can have them sketch out the shapes they need to create the craft on their own.

gray construction paper; red construction paper; glue stick; brown lunch bag; scissors

2. Glue on top of the shark's mouth on the top part of the paper bag.

3. Glue on the bottom part of the shark's mouth. It should be glued partially underneath the paper bag flap.

4. Glue on the two red pieces of construction paper to create the inside of the shark's mouth.

brown paper bag; gray shark head glued on with red mouth glued on

5. Glue on the eye. (The other eye is hidden behind the shark's head as the shark is jumping out of the water at an angle.)

6. Glue on the nostrils.

7. Glue on the teeth.

two shark paper bag puppets; shark toy

shark teeth photo by 2211438 from pixabay
Photograph of teeth by 2211438 from Pixabay 

Shark Teeth Facts

When creating a puppet where the teeth are so prominent, we had to learn about shark teeth!

  • Sharks are born with teeth.
  • Sharks are continually growing new teeth in the back of their mouth. The new teeth push forward and then replace the old ones that get pushed out. 
  • Most sharks have 5 to 15 rows of teeth. 
  • They lose about one tooth per week. 
  • Lost teeth can be replaced as quickly as in one day. 
  • A shark may go through over 20,000 teeth in their lifetime. 
  • Great White Sharks may have as many as 3000 teeth at one time. 
  • Shark's teeth have a triangular shape. 

shark teeth in jaw photo by simone moreira from pixabay
Photograph by Simone Moreira from Pixabay

Bonus Craft: Shark Scene

If your children still want to craft after they make their Shark Paper Bag Puppets, then let their creativity go wild with this simple shark scene.



1. Gather all your materials.

blue tissue paper; blue construction paper; scissors; shark fins

2. Your child can decide where in the ocean to glue their shark fin.

shark fin glued onto blue construction paper

3. Your child can cut wavy pieces of blue tissue paper to glue onto the ocean. Glue as many layers as it takes to look like the ocean. 

finished shark fin craft

Do You Want to Learn More About Sharks? 

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  1. Such a fun craft! Thank you for the steps and the extra info too!

    1. Thank you! My kids had a good time with it and loved learning about Sharks teeth.